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LTE: Disruptive Technology and Business Opportunity?

July 24th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "LTE: a real disruptive technology and business opportunity?" by WiTech SpA.

This report presents an in-depth analysis about the promising technology LTE taking into account not only technology aspects, but also the business aspects. It points out the key drivers that are continuously changing the Telecom market and analyzes LTE and its evolution, LTE Advanced, as technological response to the emerging market needs. In addition, it provides an overview about current trends in spectrum allocation, global status of the LTE ecosystem and worldwide initiatives to date. Finally, it explores LTE business case implications for incumbent and greenfield mobile operators through an accurate scenario and sensitivity analysis.


"We are very proud of this report. This report is the result of different experience we had. During our activities we happened often to meet the LTE technology and be addressed with several questions by our customers and partners. In order to answer all these questions we were addressed, we had to gather lots of information and make different researches." said Andrea Calcagno, CEO & EVP of WiTech. "Once we figured out the large amount of information regarding this technology we decided to gather all that data into this Report. Even if we are releasing it now, this Report is like a baby which grows up little by little. As we know LTE is an evolving technology that is why we will surely keep this Report up to date."

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