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AWA Guide to Pressure-Sensitive Label Waste Management and Recycling

September 18th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "AWAreness (TM) Report Pressure-Sensitive Label Waste Management 2018" by AWA - Alexander Watson Associates.

Waste management in the pressure-sensitive label industry is a high-visibility and broad-ranging topic that is currently challenging the entire value chain -- from brand owners and retailers through label printers and labelstock laminators, to raw material suppliers. New from AWA Alexander Watson Associates is an AWAreness™ Report designed to help point the way to identifying appropriate solutions for all concerned: Pressure-sensitive Label Waste Management Report.

What constitutes label waste?

The sustainability agenda has focused attention on many items within the broader definition of packaging, but pressure-sensitive labels complex value chain and laminate construction create challenges on recycling at various levels. These include laminate manufacturing waste, press set-up waste, adhesive-coated matrix waste and  perhaps of the greatest concern today  spent release liner. Release liners  both paper and film  are key contributors to successful pressure-sensitive labeling. They are high-value products that can be recycled.

The available options

All these aspects of pressure-sensitive label waste are discussed in this concise study, which clearly sets out the options available  material downgauging, linerless labels, coating, laminating and printing labelstock in one machine pass, cradle-to-cradle recycling for reuse, and recycling for alternative uses. The status quo of legislation around the world, change drivers and change barriers are all discussed, as a prologue to identifying the physical problems around collection of label waste, and defining where the ownership of instigating such collection should reside.

The study concludes with an up-to-the-minute review of companies globally who are offering waste management solutions of all kinds for users of pressure-sensitive labels.

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