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New Renewable Energy Connectors Require Unique Performance and Environmental Demands

September 18th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "The World Renewable Energy Connector Market" by Bishop & Associates, Inc..

Renewable energy installations are making significant contributions to the global energy supply. The global renewable energy market grew by 8% in 2011. Globally, wind and solar PV accounted for almost 40% and 30% of new renewable capacity, respectively. By the end of 2011, operating renewable capacity comprised more than 25% of total global power generating capacity and supplied an estimated 20.3% of global electricity.

Renewable energy demand has generated a series of new connectors that address the unique performance and environmental resistance required by equipment related to solar panel arrays and wind turbine farms. Prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions, as well as UV, and salt spray requires extensive sealing mechanisms to insure reliable service over many years. These requirements are also being fulfilled by many of the standard connectors in the market today.

Bishop and Associates new twelve chapter, 211 page research report explores the solar and wind energy market segments within the Renewable Energy market, focusing on applications that represent growth opportunities for connector manufacturers actively selling into these markets. Both contain an impressive amount of interconnect content, ongoing product development, new standards and technologies, with strong global attention and economic support.

Each chapter specific to the noted renewable energy segments identifies connector content and opportunities, as well as market conditions, market drivers, key players, technology and applications. A series of tables and charts for each market segment includes 2010 and 2011 connector sales by product type and region, with percent change. In addition, a five-year forecast (2011 to 2016) is provided by region, connector category and CAGR.

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