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Digital Media Advertising in China Set to Grow 97% in 2012

September 18th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "China's Advertising Sweet Spot: Targeting Young, Upwardly Mobile Consumers with Digital Media" by SNL Financial LC.

Both online video and social media advertising experience robust revenue growth

Chinese consumers have embraced a wide-range of Internet applications, making digital media a valuable and critical channel for marketers to reach consumers in the Middle Kingdom. In 2011, Chinas Internet advertising market surpassed print advertising - placing it in second place behind only television ads. As marketers in China have begun to recognize the importance of marketing via digital media including search engine advertising, online portals and affiliate networking, methods of successfully leveraging these channels has become crucial.

Key findings from this study include:

  • Television remains the most effective medium to reach Chinese mass market consumers. However, the explosive growth of online video and social media cannot be ignored by marketers in the Middle Kingdom. Online video targets the most attractive consumer segment: young, upwardly mobile middle-class consumers.
  • Social media has also become an important source of news and information. Compared with different news sources, Weibo (microblog) has both a higher concentration of users and level of online engagement.
  • Chinese users access social media through their mobile devices on a regular basis. This provides marketers the opportunity to combine social media and other mobile applications such as LBS (online-based service) to create targeted and innovative campaigns.

    The new report focuses on the rise of online video and social media as the latest important channels for digital marketing in China, explaining how marketers can effectively incorporate online video and social media into their marketing campaigns to drive measurable results.

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