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Growth of Chinese Cell Culture Market Driven Largely by Fetal Bovine Serum

September 27th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "2012 Cell Culture Dashboard (China) Series 1" by Percepta Associates Inc..

In a market exhibiting attractive double digit growth rates, in multiple cell culture segments surveyed, the most significant revenue opportunity was found to lie in the Chinese fetal bovine serum market. This is in contrast to findings recently reported in Perceptas Series Four Cell Culture Life Science DashboardTM focused on North American and European markets. Growth and attachment factors is another smaller but attractive segment with a high growth rate and high respondent interest in switching suppliers.

Percepta reports a very similar competitive landscape in the Chinese market as seen in North American and European markets with Life Technologies, Thermo Fisher and Sigma leading the field.

The "Series One Chinese Cell Culture Life Science DashboardTM" analyzes customer satisfaction with cell culture products and the propensity of customers to switch suppliers.

"While the need for lower pricing and better product performance continue to drive researcher purchase decisions in global cell culture markets and are predominantly the reasons cited for switching suppliers, we are seeing a significantly higher percentage of researchers in China also expressing the need for improved service and support. This suggests that service levels from these global cell culture leaders need to be improved in China" said Cijian Feng, Market Research Associate at Percepta Associates. "Remarkably, in five out of the eight cell culture segments surveyed almost half of the respondents expressed an interest in switching suppliers".

The report provides rapid access to actionable key market indicators for the Chinese cell culture market. Market indicators such as market size, share, growth, downstream applications and competitive landscape are reported. This new Cell Culture Dashboard was developed based on aggregated responses to a 21-question survey completed by 398 Chinese scientists actively engaged in mammalian cell culture.

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