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North American Dental Biomaterial Market To Grow At More Than 9 Percent Annually Through 2016

October 12th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Dental Biomaterials | Medtech 360 | Market Analysis | North America | 2018" by Millennium Research Group - DRG.

According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), the global authority on medical technology market intelligence, the North American dental biomaterial market will grow strongly at an average annual rate of over nine percent through 2016. This will primarily be driven by increasing dentist awareness of dental biomaterials and confidence in incorporating them into dental implant treatments. As prices will remain fairly stable, this growth largely results from an increase in procedures. The underpenetrated Canadian market, representing ten percent of the total, will see a faster rate of growth than the United States.

The increasing number of procedures results from the growing over-65 population in the United States and Canada, over 10 percent of whom have moderate to severe periodontal disease, as well as from greater awareness of the functional and aesthetic advantages of dental implants. Despite the fact that most of these procedures are classified as elective and are thus paid out of pocket, demand for these procedures will continue to increase.

As a result of the demand, more clinicians will be trained to perform these procedures. Most of the increase will come from dental general practitioners (GPs) seeking out additional manufacturer-sponsored learning sessions on dental implant placements and periodontal treatments. Dental biomaterials have also become easier to use, decreasing the amount of training required to become proficient in their use. Current guidelines permit GPs to perform most of these procedures.

"The dental membrane segment will see particularly strong growth," said MRG Analyst Jeremy Seath. "Driven primarily by increased adoption of soft tissue membranes, it will see an average annual growth of more than 10 percent per year through 2016. W. L. Gore, formerly a major dental membrane manufacturer, left this market late in 2011. The result will be competition for market share among those remaining in the market, which includes Geistlich (Osteohealth), ACE Surgical Supply, Osteogenics Biomedical, and BioHorizons."

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