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MoCA, Homeplug, and to Drive Growth of WW Wired Home Networking Market

October 19th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Hybrid Home Networks: Wired Plus Wireless" by SNL Financial LC.

Historical and current versions of WLAN are the most popular form of home networking technology, but they have their weaknesses when it comes to speed and quality of service. While the next iteration of WLAN, 802.11ac, promises to solve both of these issues, there is a window of opportunity for wired home networking technologies to reinforce and complement the feature and capabilities of home networks before 802.11 ac becomes widely available. "By adding wired home networking solutions into the mix of home networking technologies, the current shortcomings of WLAN can be overcome while creating a much more dynamic home networking solution," said Norm Bogen, VP of Research at MRG. Bogen added, "that solution can be used to improve the user experience while serving as the basis for a series of new service that can be offered by service providers and vendors."

Key findings from this study include:

  • While MoCA will be the leading wired home networking technology in North America over the forecast period, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Asia Pacific region will be led by deployments of HomePlug.
  • The rapid growth of in the Asia Pacific market, after its trials and commercial launch in 2012, promises to propel to become a major competitor to HomePlug and other technologies over an extended forecast period beyond 2016.
  • A number of new trends in home networking technology promise to make it easier for consumers to attain the benefits of a hybrid wired and wireless home network.

This study is focused on the evolution of the increasingly important hybrid home network. As the last remaining bottleneck in enabling the digital multimedia value chain that can support the Web 2.0 vision, the dynamic of the home networking market are thoroughly analyzed and forecasted by technology and region.

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