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What Everybody Ought To Know About Embryonic Stem Cell Product Development

May 30th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Opportunities in Human Embryonic Stem Cell (hESC) Products - Trends and Forecasts to 2017" by BIOINFORMANT WORLDWIDE, LLC.

Companies interested in developing human embryonic stem cell products have to navigate a risky product environment. Due to the long-standing and controversial patents held by the University of Wisconsins Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), companies have been largely hindered by the intellectual property (IP) environment restricting the development of embryonic stem cell products. However, going where competitors fear to tread means tremendous financial rewards are available for the companies that move boldly forward.

Human embryonic stem cells offer tremendous therapeutic potential, as they can develop into over 200 different cell types. However, up until now, WARF has had the power to largely control what companies can develop embryonic stem cell products and on what terms. With the release of BioInformants report "Error-Proof Entry, Expert Positioning, and Exploding Growth in Embryonic Stem Cell Products," published June 2012, research supply companies can now receive clear guidance for navigating the hazards of embryonic stem cell product development.

The report reveals critical alternatives to traditional WARF licensing, such as moving research overseas, establishing collaborations with companies that are existing WARF licensees, structuring creative negotiating alternatives, developing products for other species  and other breakthrough strategies. According to Lance Breastgoff, BioInformants Head of Project Management, "The report informs research product companies about their options for functioning within this complex IP landscape and expands the range of options they have available."

BioInformants report "Error-Proof Entry, Expert Positioning, and Exploding Growth in Embryonic Stem Cell Products" also offers historical and future growth projections for the embryonic stem cell product market, competitive analysis of existing providers, and detailed assessment of creative strategies for developing high-demand products. This insight is possible, because BioInformant has been the global leader in stem cell industry data since 2006 and is the only producer of market intelligence data specific for the stem cell sector.

Asked about the edge their report will give to research supply companies over the competition, Breastgoff said, "Over the past twelve months, we have witnessed an explosion of interest in bringing human embryonic stem cell products to market. For research product companies, the information in this report has the potential to save you thousands, or even millions of dollars, by allowing you to consider options other than WARF licensing  or alternatively, to empower you with the knowledge to negotiate a better deal."

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