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Databeans Releases New 2012 Worldwide Data Converter Market Forecast

June 15th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "2012 Data Converters" by Databeans, Inc..

Showing just modest improvement in revenue growth from 2011, this will be once again a flat year for data converters; and major suppliers will be looking for more attractive opportunities in year 2013, when higher demand is expected to come from the Asia Pacific region, led by increased consumption from the communications and industrial markets especially, which are expected to see much stronger growth for next year.


The 2012 data converters market will likely be up by 2 percent from the previous year, and it is expected to perform slightly under the market rate of growth for standard analog components. Much higher growth is expected for 2013, assuming that there will be more growth for analog semiconductors in the near future.

As in recent years, data converter design is currently focused upon improving sampling rate and resolution performance characteristics while at the same time reducing power consumption. These are two very important attribute areas in fulfilling the requirements of the latest portable and battery-powered devices found in communications, the computing market, the industrial segments, and in medical electronics. Portable electronic equipment has become more desirable all over the world and especially in the emerging markets. Also the increased use of sensors in electronic equipment design has raised the level of requirements for signal processing ICs such as data converters.

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