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High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes Forecast to Reach $69.7 Billion in 2021

January 17th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "High-Brightness LED Global Market Forecast & Analysis (2011-2021)" by ElectroniCast.

According to ElectroniCast Consultants, the global consumption of packaged HB-LEDs in 2010 was $10.77 billion. In the year 2021, the worldwide consumption value is forecast to reach $69.7 billion (see Figure). Market forecast data in this study report refers to consumption (use) for a particular calendar year; therefore, this data is not cumulative data.

The market data are segmented into the following geographic regions, plus a Global summary:

  • America (North America, Central and South America)
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern countries, plus Africa)
  • APAC (Asia Pacific)

The global HB-LED market is segmented into the following major application categories:

  • Mobile/Portable Devices
  • Signage/Professional Displays
  • Solid-State Lighting  General Lighting
  • Stationary Signals (not used in or on vehicles)
  • Automotive/Vehicle (automotive, ships, rail/train, planes, etc)
  • Consumer-Level TV/Desktop Monitor Backlighting
  • Other/Miscellaneous (specialty, medical/science, test/measurement, etc)

The market data for HB-LEDs are also segmented by the following colors (type):

  • Multiple-color multiple-chip packaged HB-LED
  • Red, Orange or Yellow single color packaged HB-LED
  • Blue, Green, Ultraviolet (UV) or Other Color single color packaged HB-LED
  • White (WLED) packaged HB-LED

Decreasing average selling prices (ASPs) is forecast to cause challenging growth patterns in consumption value in some application segments (categories). Because of this, some application categories are forecast for declining consumption values in the 2nd half of the forecast period (2016-2021); however, the volumes (quantity/number of units) in all categories are forecast for positive growth throughout the forecast period.

Use of HB-LEDs in Mobile/Portable Devices is forecast to remain a strong segment; however, OLEDs continue to take market share. The sector is relatively mature and it already has a substantial consumption value in 2012.

In terms of consumption value (quantity x prices = value), the use of HB-LEDs in the Automotive/Vehicle category is forecast to multiply by a factor of more than 2-times (2x) from 2011 to 2016.

The use of HB-LEDs in stationary (non-vehicle) Signals is forecast to increase at an average growth rate of (only) 5.5 percent from 2011 to 2016; consumption value of HB-LEDs in stationary signals is forecast to decline sharply due to offsetting price declines, as well as market saturation; however, in terms of volume (quantity/units), the segment is forecast for a slight increase during 2016-2021. Note: Signals used in vehicles are quantified in the vehicle application.

General Lighting provides the main illumination of an area. In this study, ElectroniCast provide the consumption data for 2011 as well as our market forecast for 2012-2021 of the packaged HB-LED (component) used for general lighting stationary applications, including interior and exterior decorative and functional lighting for residential, commercial and government areas (lighting for vehicles is included in the vehicle application category).

LEDs are used in both functional and decorative light fixtures, with an advantage of energy savings. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED-based solid-state lighting (SSL) delivers visible light with reduced heat. In addition, its solid-state nature provides for greater resistance to shock, vibration, and wear, thereby significantly increasing its lifespan.

The use (consumption value) of HB-LEDs in the Signage/Professional Display application is forecast to increase at an average annual rate of 22.1 percent from 2011 to 2016 and then increase at an impressive 35.9 percent per year (2016-2021). Consumption of HB-LEDs in "Other" or miscellaneous (non-specified) applications is forecast to reach $710 million in 2016, before decreasing during the 2nd half of the forecast period (2016-2021.

The use of HB-LEDs in backlighting of consumer-level TV/Desktop Monitors is forecast to maintain a strong market share (%) throughout the 1st-half of the forecast period (2011-2016), before slipping in market share during the 2nd-half of the forecast period (2016-2021), due to saturation in many markets as well as an increase in competition from OLEDs. Also, the number of white packaged light emitting diodes require in the back lighting unit (BLU) in the consumer-level LCD-TV (and desktop monitor) will decline, due to increased luminous efficacy and improvements (innovations) in supporting optics (components and packaging).


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