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12-Fiber Single Mode MPO Connector Consumption Value Will Increase 141% Yearly Through 2016

June 6th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "40/100G Ethernet Networks - MPO Connector North America Market Forecast 2015-2020" by ElectroniCast.

ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market research & technology forecast consultancy addressing the fiber optics communications industry, today announced the release of their annual market forecast of the global consumption of MPO Fiber Optic Connectors used in 40 and 100GbE communication links.

In 2006, the IEEE 802.3 working group formed the Higher Speed Study Group (HSSG) and found that the growth in bandwidth for network aggregation applications was outpacing the capabilities of networks employing link aggregation with 10 Gigabit Ethernet. (The standard was announced in July 2007 and was ratified on June 17, 2010).

Applications such as video, virtualization (cloud computing), switching/routing and convergence are driving the need for bandwidth expansion. We continue on the path of gradually developing of growth (and change) from 1G to 10G to 40G and 100G. For data center (DC) environments operating at 40GbE or 100GbE, fiber optic cabling is generally recommended because its reach supports a wider range of deployment configurations compared to copper solutions.

The capability to choose increased speed will enable networks to play with the 10GbE resources to the access layer allowing 40/100GbE to handle traffic at the aggregation and core layers. In this market research report, ElectroniCast Consultants provides their 2011-2016 forecast and analysis of MPO fiber optic connectors used in North American 40/100GbE optical communication networks.

The 10GbE movement into the data centers will continue; however, "future-proofing" is continuing with an accent (40/100G), which is driven by significant broadband expansion demands, especially in regards to network productivity and operating expenses (OPEX costs).

According to ElectroniCast, 12-fiber multimode MPO connectors dominate the North American (Mexico, Canada and the United States) 40/100GbE MPO connector marketplace in 2012; however, 12-fiber single mode MPO connector consumption value will increase at the fastest pace of 141% per year through 2016.

According to ElectroniCast, 12-fiber multimode MPO connectors currently dominate the North American 40/100GbE MPO connector marketplace, based on consumption value...


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