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Europe Takes 60% of One Component Polyurethane Spray Foam Production

June 4th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Polyurethane Chemicals and Products In Europe, Middle East and Africa 11th Edition 2016" by IAL Consultants - A Division of BRG.

Despite the challenging economic conditions the demand for Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) has continued to grow in recent years. In the mature markets of Western Europe, the US, Canada and Japan, the demand is driven by renovation projects and upgrading of existing buildings rather than new construction. Government energy incentives and demand for energy efficiency is also driving the growth globally. The total global production was 460,250 tonnes in 2011, with almost half of all spray foam produced in the Americas. By 2016, the production is expected to reach 617,800 tonnes, equivalent to an average annual growth of 6.1%.


The global market for One Component Foam (OCF) has experienced a steady growth over the last few years driven mainly by the versatility of these products. The global production has grown from 400 million cans in 2007 to more than 474 million cans in 2011. The growth is forecast to continue at 4.9% annually to more than 600 million cans by 2016. Europe is the largest producer with 60% of the total production, most of which is now taking place in Eastern Europe, in particular in Estonia and Poland. Many of the cans produced in Europe are exported.


This latest edition of IALs report aims to provide a detailed and accurate assessment of the polyurethane industry within the EMEA region. The report provides, by country, consumption estimates for the following polyurethane raw materials:

  • TDI
  • Aliphatic Isocyanates
  • Standard Polyether Polyol
  • Polyether Graft Copolymer Polyol
  • Polyester Polyols (aliphatic & aromatic)
  • PTHF Polyol
  • Acrylic Polyol

Geographical coverage of the report is as follows:

Western Europe (12 countries/regions)

  • Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Nordic Region, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Eastern Europe (8 countries/regions)

  • Czech Republic, CIS, Hungary, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Other (Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria)

Middle East and Africa (10 countries/regions)

  • North Africa, South Africa, West Africa, Iran, Levant, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Other GCC, Other MEA

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