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Mobile Wagers Boosted 29% Annually to $100 Billion by 2017, Government Legislation Plays Key Role

May 24th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Mobile & Online Gambling" by Juniper Research.

A new report from Juniper Research has found that a surge in social gambling activity, along with the introduction of intrastate casino and lottery services in the US, will help push global annual wager via mobile handsets and tablets from $19.5 billion in 2011 to $100 billion by 2017, representing an average annual growth of 29% over the forecast period.

The new report, Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting 2012-2017, highlighted the dramatic increase in wager that had occurred in UK-facing sportsbooks over the past year, with several already seeing around 20% of online wager occurring via mobile devices.


However, the report noted that while sports betting currently accounted for the largest share of mobile gambling, it would be overhauled by casino gaming within five years. According to report author Dr Windsor Holden, "Social gaming companies such as Zynga are seeking to move from play-for-fun casino games into real money gambling, while pureplay mobile casinos including Probability have begun to integrate with the Facebook mobile platform. In this way, consumers will be able to use their social networks to register for casino games, substantially increasing both the reach and engagement of such services."

Government legislation plays key role in mobile gamblings unpredictable future

In spite of being a potentially lucrative opportunity for service providers and the growing consumer acceptance of mobile gambling, the future of mobile gambling in some regions is still largely unpredictable. Most territories do not yet have a specific regulatory framework in place. Existing gambling legislations tend to be outdated. Governments across the world are debating regulations regarding mobile gambling, and general consensus has yet to be reached.

Landmark US verdict to boost market

The legality of mobile gambling services in a given market inherently affects opportunity. For example, the report observed that the US remote gambling market had effectively reopened following the 2011 deliberations of the US Department of Justice, which stated that the U.S. 1961 Wire Act applied only to sporting events. In the wake of this verdict, several states have either enacted legislation specifically permitting such services or - as in the case of Nevada - have begun a licensing procedure.

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