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Tracking Global Multiscreen Video Services to Profitability in IPTV, Cable, and Satellite

February 7th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Tracking Global Multiscreen Video (MSV) Services to Profitability in IPTV, Cable & Satellite - Taking OTT/Internet Video to Mobile" by SNL Financial LC.

With the advancement of OTT/Internet Video migrating to many mobile platforms, and with Content Owners and Programmers fighting for new markets without cannibalizing normal channels of distribution, this new report from MRG gives concrete and mathematical evidence of the ROI guidelines and best practices developed for MSV services already deployed by IPTV, Cable and Satellite Operators worldwide. By articulating the key elements of the CDN, their costs, potential architectures and OpEx for each configuration and deployment size, the report shows in detail that there are several ways to reach profitability or break-even for both large and small Operators, based on in-depth surveys and interviews with over 40 Operators and supporting Vendors.

"The large Cable and IPTV Operators especially cannot sit around and wait for costs to go down before doing something," says Ken Pyle, MRG Analyst. "These Operators have to start immediately and will know how CapEx and OpEx for each CDN component will change in the next 5 years, thanks to this report." By clearly defining each component of the MSV system and the CDNs that support it, the report is the first available that allows OpEx and CapEx to be calculated in an end-to-end MSV system that serves up to 10 screens in the typical household, in support of Operations ranging from 50k to 1 million subscribers over 5 years. "The extensive survey, besides identifying what kind of content and services to offer in a MSV service, also tracks how consumers use different devices in different ways," says Pyle. "Knowing how someone uses a smartphone or iPad as a second device while watching the main screen can make a huge difference in developing the app to support it." Besides offering Operator profiles of MSV services, the report includes key Vendor profiles and findings about related technologies such as UltraViolet, DASH, and others.

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