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Public and Private Sectors Clash Over Wastewater Management in Shale Gas Exploration

May 1st, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Global Guide to Water and Waste Water Utilities - Market Research Report" by NRG Expert.

NRG Expert, the Energy Intelligence Company, reveals more, not less, private sector involvement necessary in wastewater management; bureaucracy forms an impediment to development of reliable waste management systems.

State utilities will dominate the water and waste-water markets for a foreseeable time. However, the share of private companies involved is forecast to increase from 8% to 15% by 2015. In terms of the global arena, more government involvement could mean less innovation and slowed progress on provision of safe drinking water. Proper regulatory oversight fosters private sector investment and prevents cutting corners to adhere to restrictive policies.

As the population continues to climb, increased demand for clean, safe water is a key priority. Differing levels of government investment treads a fine line and questions the level of intervention that is necessary for maximizing sustainable development.

NRG Experts new report looks at the following:

  • Water supply, water pollution and water treatment
  • Market overview encompassing service providers, water utilities, private investment, private sector participation (PSP) and global multi utilities
  • Water and waste data for 177 countries worldwide
  • Current economic situation and water and waste markets including utilities, government utilities for 177 countries.

Analysis is provided for the following major companies:

Ondeo/Suez; Veolia Water; Thames Water; American Water; Berlin Wasser; and Bouygues/Saur.

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