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Smartphones to Overtake PCs in LTE Subscriptions by 2014, Pyramid Research Predicts

January 13th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "LTE Devices and Applications - Next-generation mobile networks driven by video services" by GlobalData.

As operators worldwide have begun launching LTE networks , the availability of LTE devices has skyrocketed to over 200, more than a tenfold increase since the end of 2010. While PCs account for the majority of subscriptions currently, smartphones are expected to become the largest segment by 2014, according to a new video based on the report LTE Devices and Applications: Next-generation mobile networks driven by video service by Jan ten Sythoff, Pyramid Research Analyst at Large.

"The majority of products are currently aimed at PCs, with three out of five devices models being discrete modems, either routers or PC add-on devices," he says. However, Verizons Innovation Lab has been an important driver of machine (module) devices for LTE, providing technical resources to smaller companies looking to integrate LTE capabilities into a variety of different devices. The number of LTE modules has increased from none at the end of 2010 to 30 in October 2011. Typically LTE smartphones are on the Android platform with larger screens, front-facing cameras, and have broad video connectivity capabilities. "In 2016, 57.3 percent of LTE subscriptions are expected to be smartphones, 33.4 percent PCs, 7.6 percent tablets and the remainder machine-to-machine devices," he adds.

Pyramids analysis of the LTE market in Pyramids latest Thematic Report, LTE Devices and Applications: Next-generation mobile networks driven by video services, provides an overview and background of the LTE market, operator approaches and the LTE value chain. The report then details LTE devices, including PC add-ons, hotspots, smartphones and tablets. Next, Pyramid Research examines LTE applications. Finally, the report concludes by looking at a number of mobile operator case studies around the world.


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