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Asia to Represent 65% of Global Mobile Market by 2015

February 28th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Asian Mobile Market Forecast 2012-2015" by ROA Holdings.

The total number of mobile subscribers in both China and India are currently occupying almost 75% of the rest of the 10 countries, and Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, as well as Vietnam are following them with a rapid growth rate. It is estimated that the total number of global mobile subscribers will reach approximately 7 billion by 2015 and the proportion of Asia is expected to be 65% of the total, forming the most significant region among the world mobile markets.

Concerning mobile penetration, India will experience a three-fold growth by 2015, and also China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam will also see a significant increase in mobile subscribers. Mobile carriers in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan are focusing on strategies aiming at maintaining their subscribers since the CAGR of mobile subscribers in these countries is 5% or less, making it difficult to expand their subscriber bases in the future. In the past, the ARPU of India, Philippines and Vietnam used to be more than USD 5, but continue to show a decreasing trend, and will reach the USD 3-4 level by 2015, following the declining ARPU pattern among the 10 Asian countries. Also, the ARPUs in the region will be affected by third party providers who are increasingly entering into each market in Asia exploiting the contents revenue originally earned by the mobile carriers.

The new ROA Holdings research report, Asian Mobile Market Forecast 2012-2015 provides a comprehensive outlook on the mobile markets of 10 countries in Asia, including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. Among the Asian mobile markets, Korea and Japan by adopting 3G at an early stage, have been leading the region in terms of technology, and various kind of services providing diversified contents have been diffused within Asia. While the mobile subscriber numbers of Korea and Japan have been reaching saturation, the rest of the Asian countries are catching up to become the center of growth in Asia.

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