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New ROA Report Analyzes Samsung's Competitiveness and Future Strategies

May 30th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Analysis of Samsung's Competitiveness in 2012" by ROA Holdings.

In the new research report titled Analysis of Samsungs Competitiveness in 2012, ROA Holdings examines the business performance and future strategies of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics wide product line-up ranges from set products to components, encompassing semiconductor, TV, and LCD and LED display. In the global market, it has been presenting a successful growth in a tough business environment. For this reason, Samsung can be referred to as the benchmark for companies in development of successful business strategies.

However, despite the successful results, Samsung is placed under pressure to seek new growth engines because its current business structure is faced with various challenges and it needs to maintain a steady growth. To achieve the goal, Samsung will make a huge investment in five strategic businesses by 2020. In line with that, corporate restructuring has been conducted through merger, creation of new business segments and separation since July 2011.

Samsungs restructuring efforts has three goals: first, to fill the entire product line-up with world-best products; second, to improve relations with the global partners including Sony and Apple; and, third, to shift its paradigm to a Software Driven Company. In 2012, corporate restructuring will be focused on separation of set product business and component business, enhancement of competitiveness in software and content businesses, and preparation for future businesses. It is expected that Samsung Electronics will evolve into a new company when restructuring is completed. On the other hand, businesses struggling with low profitability due to aggravating business environment or immature market demand will be integrated with others for an efficient management. Solutions and display technology of smart devices will be adopted for TV and home appliance products, in line with the business goal of Samsung to become a Software Driven Company.

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