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Upstream Intelligence is the foremost provider of business intelligence and analysis for the upstream oil and gas community. Devoted to providing unique industry insight to drive efficiencies, reduce cost and maximize production capabilities, Upstream Intelligence has been working with upstream leaders for over 8 years. Upstream Intelligence started by serving the offshore decommissioning community and continues to serve their needs in partnership with the DecomWorld name. Since 2009, Upstream Intelligence and DecomWorld have served over 15,000 executives worldwide with original industry insight (whitepapers, reports and webinars) and high-level conference and networking opportunities. Committed to listening and reacting to the priorities and challenges of the industry, Upstream Intelligence has recently spent time closely working with expert operators to establish a strategy in light of low oil prices. As a result, Upstream Intelligence has had the opportunity to target operational and cost improvements tailored to disciplines spanning well integrity management to data-driven production optimization.

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Offshore Digital Services Report: Well Integrity and Production Optimization
Published by
Upstream Intelligence
Product code
October 2, 2015
Content info
52 Pages, 10 Figures
USD 950
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