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Boston Strategic Partners real-world data reports provide an in-depth analysis of Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record data. These reports contain data analysis representing 10% of US hospitals and 16% of the US population with data from over 273 MM patient visits. They include all associated patient diagnoses, treatments, procedures, lab tests and results, and outcomes. Cost of acquiring this type of data is high and requires complex analysis. We provide accurate, cost-effective and detailed analysis required to make informed decisions. Our reports also include dashboards highlighting usage of key treatments such as share of patients on treatment, profile of treated patients, length of stay, number of doses, cost and mortality rate. Our data comes from a broad sample size, including representation across the US, different system sizes and all patient types.

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Diabetes: Real-World Patient Journey Type 2 Diabetes in the Inpatient and Emergency Departments
Published by
Boston Strategic Partners, Inc.
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April 3, 2018
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96 Pages
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