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Market Research Report

2013 Global Wholesale Carrier Report Card

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2013 Global Wholesale Carrier Report Card
Published: May 30, 2013 Content info: 142 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on October 22, 2014.



ATLANTIC-ACM's Global Wholesale Carrier Report Card is an industry-wide, survey-based study that allows global wholesale customers to provide feedback on multiple carriers, with a focus on global wholesale operations and products. The report features wholesale customers' ratings that analyze carrier performance on an operational and product basis.

The 2013 edition of the report compiles data from 300 respondents and more than 1,400 individual carrier ratings. The resulting data provides carriers with an overview of strengths and weaknesses from the customers' point of view, and allows them to directly compare their own performance to that of competitors.


  • International Providers
  • Wholesale Buyers and Providers
  • Competitive Telecom Service Providers
  • Wireless Telephone Companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investors


  • Back Your Market Entry or Investment Strategy
  • Support Product Development Plans
  • Study the Competition and Specific Competitors
  • Identify Investment Opportunities
  • Present Investors with Hard Industry Facts
  • Pursue Market Growth Areas
  • Compare Carrier Ratings Against Competitors'
  • Gain Invaluable Data on Customer and Partner Preferences
  • Develop an Understanding of the Global Wholesale Space

ATLAMNTIC-ACM Report Overview

  • ATLANTIC-ACM is a strategic consulting and customized research firm specializing in the U.S. and global telecommunications, e-commerce, telecom equipment and broadband service industries. ATLANTIC-ACM's affiliates have offices in countries worldwide. Using proprietary databases and a portfolio of research, modeling, and decision-supporting methodologies, ATLANTIC-ACM assists clients in evaluating telecommunications and other networked communications opportunities for successful investment, market entry, and long-term planning.
  • In response to the highly competitive global wholesale market for both data and voice services, ATLANTIC-ACM conducted a survey of wholesale customers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the large wholesale providers. The survey was conducted from October to December 2012 and yielded over 1,400 carrier ratings from 300 different customers.
  • Through the 2013 edition of the report, ATLANTIC-ACM hopes to help wholesale customers make informed choices about their underlying carrier, and to help investors better understand the providers. Most importantly, the report is geared to help carriers identify specific strengths and weaknesses as reported by their customers, which ultimately advises carriers on how to improve their own business models as well as better meet their wholesale customers' business needs.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I.Report Overview and Methodology

II.Executive Summary

III.Trends and Influences Driving the Market

  • A.Economic Volatility
  • B.Pressure on Voice
  • C.Booming Global Data
  • D.Data Center Connectivity

IV.International Telecom Sizing

  • A.Wholesale International Long Distance Circuit-Switched Voice Revenue Share 2010-2017e
  • B.Global Mobile Subscribers 2001-2013e

V.Respondent Characteristics and Expectations

  • A.Geographic Origin
  • B.Respondent Presence and Influence
  • C.Respondent Business Size
  • D.International Transport Spend by Line Speed
  • E.Product Growth Expectations
  • F.Product Penetration
  • G.Dark Fiber Spending Patterns and Expected 12-Month Spending Change
  • H.IPX Network Readiness and Obstacles to Adoption
  • I.Drivers Behind IPX Strategy and Services Beneficiaries
  • J.Drivers of Purchase

VI.Customer Ratings: Summary and Analysis

  • A.Customer Experience Touch Points and Product Definitions
  • B.Customer Experience Touch Point Averages 2011-2013
  • C.Customer Experience Touch Points Average by Primary Business Model
  • D.Customer Experience Touch Points Average and Ratings Distribution by Annual Spend
  • E.Comparative Operational Ratings Analysis 2009-2013

VII.Carrier Ratings: Customer Experience Touch Points

  • A.Brand
  • B.Sales Representatives
  • C.Provisioning
  • D.Network Performance
  • E.Billing
  • F.Customer Service

VIII.Carrier Ratings: Global Products

  • A.Global Voice Products
  • B.Global Data Products

IX.Carrier Case Studies

  • A. AT&T
  • B. BICS
  • C. BT 8
  • D. C&W Worldwide
  • E. Cogent
  • F. Colt
  • G Deutsche Telekom
  • H. iBasis96T.Year in Review: 1Q
  • I.IDT
  • J.Inteliquent
  • K.Level 3
  • L.Orange
  • M. PCCW
  • N. Sprint
  • O. Tata
  • P. TIS
  • Q. Telefónica
  • R. TeliaSonera
  • S.Verizon
  • T. Year in Review: 1Q12
  • U. Year in Review: 2Q12
  • V.Year in Review: 3Q12
  • W.Year in Review: 4Q12

X.Conclusions 124

XI.Glossary 128

Table of Figures

  • 1 GDP Volumes by Quarter: European Union, Germany, UK, Portugal, Italy and Spain
  • 2 Year-over-Year Growth by Index: FTSE100 vs. S&P500 vs. STOXX 50 vs. Hang Seng vs. STOXX 600
  • 3 Unemployment Rate of the Major Economic Powers
  • 4 Major Milestones in LTE and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Rollouts
  • 5 Total Internet Users by Region: 2000 vs. 2012
  • 6 2012 Total Internet Penetration: By Region
  • 7 Global Mobile Data Traffic by Device Type (TB per Month): 2012-2017e
  • 8 Wholesale International Long Distance Circuit-Switched Voice Revenue Share 2010-2017e
  • 9 Global Mobile Subscribers 2001-2013e
  • 10 Regional Respondent Potrait
  • 11 Regions in which Respondents Purchase Global Wholesale Services
  • 12 Respondent's Influence in Purchase Decisions
  • 13 Annual Telecom Spend
  • 14 Number of Employees
  • 15 International Transport Spend by Line Speed and Primary Business Model
  • 16 Expected 12-Month Change in Spending* by Product: All Respondents by Grouping
  • 17 Global Wholesale Product Penetration: All Respondents .
  • 18 Dark Fiber Spending Patterns & Expected 12-Month Spending Change: All Respondents
  • 19 Network Readiness for IPX & Obstacles to IPX Adoption
  • 20 Services to Benefit from IPX Strategy
  • 21 Drivers Behind IPX Strategy
  • 22 Drivers of Purchase: All Buyers
  • 23 Global Wholesale Customer Experience Touch Points - Methodology
  • 24 Global Wholesale Product Quality and Price Competitiveness - Methodology
  • 25 2011-2013 Customer Experience Touch Point Ratings: Individual Operations Across Industry
  • 26 Customer Experience Touch Points Avg. by Primary Business Model
  • 27 Customer Experience Touch Points Avg. by Region of Origin
  • 28 Customer Experience Touch Points Avg. by Annual Spend
  • 29 Customer Experience Touch Points Avg. Score Distribution by Annual Spend
  • 30 Operational Ratings Analysis (2009-2013): Total Operations vs. Sales Reps and Provisioning
  • 31 Brand
  • 32 Sales Representatives
  • 33 Provisioning
  • 34 Network Performance
  • 35 Billing
  • 36 Customer Service
  • 37 Quality and Price Competitiveness Correlation
  • 38 Overall Voice Quality
  • 39 Overall Voice Price Competitiveness
  • 40 Overall Voice Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 41 Global Voice Termination (Guaranteed) Quality
  • 42 Global Voice Termination (Guaranteed) Price Competitiveness
  • 43 Global Voice Termination (Guaranteed) Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 44 Global Voice Termination (Best Efforts) Quality
  • 45 Global Voice Termination (Best Efforts) Price Competitiveness
  • 46 Global Voice Termination (Best Efforts) Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 47 IP Voice Termination Quality
  • 48 IP Voice Termination Price Competitiveness
  • 49 IP Voice Termination Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 50 Overall Data Quality
  • 51 Overall Data Price Competitiveness
  • 52 Overall Data Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 53 Total DIA Quality
  • 54 Total DIA Price Competitiveness
  • 55 Total DIA Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 56 International Transport (w/ Ethernet) Quality
  • 57 International Transport (w/ Ethernet) Price Competitiveness
  • 58 International Transport (w/ Ethernet) Quality and Price Competitiveness
  • 59 2012 vs. 2013 Voice Quality Ratings: Large vs. Midsized/Small Carriers
  • 60 2012 vs. 2013 Proactive Sales Ratings: Large vs. Midsized/Small Carriers
  • 61 2013 Data Quality and Price Competitiveness Ratings by Carrier Size
  • 62 2013 Drivers of Purchase: All Buyers
  • 63 Portion of Respondents Expecting to Grow Coming 12-Month Spend: By Select Product
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