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2011 CDN Provider Report Card

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2011 CDN Provider Report Card
Published: March 13, 2012 Content info: 74 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on October 22, 2014.



ATLANTIC-ACM CDN Provider Report Card is an industry-wide, survey-based study that enables CDN customers to provide feedback on multiple CDN providers, with a focus on operations and products. The report features customers' ratings that analyze DN Provider performance on an operational and product basis.

The 2011 edition of the report compiles data from 140 respondents and nearly 300 individual CDN Provider ratings. The resulting data provides CDN providers with and overview of strengths and weaknesses from the cusotomers7 point of view, and allows them to directly compare their own performance to that of competitors.


  • CDN Providers
  • CDN Partners
  • Competitive Telecom Service Providers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cable Providers
  • Consultants
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Bankers
  • Investors


  • Back market Entry or Investment Strategy
  • Support Product Development Plans
  • Study Competition and Competitors
  • Present Investors with Hard Facts
  • Pursue Market Growth Areas
  • Gain Invaluable Data On Customer and Partner Preference
  • Develop and Understanding of the CDN Space

ATLANTIC-ACM & Report Overview

ATLANTIC-ACM is a strategy consulting and customized research firm specializing in the U.S. and global telecommunications, e-commerce, telecom equipment and broadband service industries. ATLANTIC-ACM's affiliates have offices in countries worldwide. Using proprietary databases and a portfolio of research, modeling, and decision-supporting methodologies, ATLANTIC-ACM assists clients in evaluating telecommunications and other networked communications opportunities for successful investment, market entry, and long-term planning.

In response to the highly competitive market for content delivery network (CDN) services, ATLANTIC-ACM conducted a survey of CDN customers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their CDN providers. The survey was conducted from August, 2011 through October, 2011, and yielded almost 300 CDN provider ratings from 140 different customers. ATLANTIC-ACM hopes to help CDN customers make informed choices about their underlying CDN provider(s), and to help investors better understand their providers. Most importantly, the report is geared to help CDN providers identify specific strengths and weaknesses reported by their customers in order to improve both their business and the success of their customers' businesses.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I.Report Overview and Methodology

II.Background on CDN Industryp

III.Trends and Influences Driving the CDN Market

  • i.Broadband Adoption
  • ii.Online Video
  • iii.Mobile Ecosystem
  • iv.Greater CDN Uptake

IV. CDN Provider Case Studies

  • i.Akamaip
  • ii.Internapp
  • iii.Limelight
  • iv.Level 3p

V. Respondent Characteristics and Expectationsp

VI.CDN Provider Ratings: Customer Experience Touch Pointsp

VII. CDN Provider Ratings: Overall Product Quality and Price Competitivenessp

VIII.Industry-Wide Averages: Products

IX. Conclusions

X. Appendix

Table of Figures

  • 1.CDN Purchase Habits by Region: All Respondents
  • 2.Internet Penetration (%)
  • 3.2010 Total Internet Usage in the United States
  • 4.Total Number of Reachable Businesses
  • 5.Total Number of Reachable Institutes
  • 6.Project Global IP Traffic: 2010-2015e
  • 7.Netflix Total Revenue: 1Q10-2Q11
  • 8.Netflix Total Subscribers: 1Q10-2Q11
  • 9.Consumer Data Revenue Forecast 2010-2016e: Cable Providers
  • 10.Major Cable Providers With Online Video Applications
  • 11.North America Mobile-Only Internet Users
  • 12.Mobile Data/Internet and Online Video Traffic Forecasts: North America 2010-2015e
  • 13.4G Network Rollouts/Expansions
  • 14.Tablet Rollout Timeline: 2010-2011
  • 15.Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2010-2015e: Tablets
  • 16.Expected Change in 12-Month Spending: % of Respondents with Expected Growth in Spend
  • 17.CDN Purchase Habits by Region: All Respondents
  • 18.Respondents' Primary Business Model
  • 19.Monthly Volume of Content Delivered
  • 20.CDN Product Penetration: All Respondents
  • 21.Expected Change in 12-Month Spending: % of Respondents with Expected Growth in Spend
  • 22.Average Expected Change in 12-Month Spending: By Region (All Respondents)
  • 23.Average Portion of CDN Spend: By Application
  • 24.Drivers of Purchase: All Buyers
  • 25.Ratings
  • 26.Overall Operationsp
  • 27.Overall Operations Score Distributionp
  • 28.Total Sales Repsp
  • 29.Total Sales Reps Score Distribution
  • 30.Total Network
  • 31.Total Network Score Distributionp
  • 32.Post-Sale Customer Account Management
  • 33.Post-Sale Customer Account Management Score Distributionp
  • 34.Quality and Price Competitiveness Correlationp
  • 35.Overall Product Valuep
  • 36.Overall Product Qualityp
  • 37.Overall Product Price Competitivenessp
  • 38.Overall Product Quality and Price Competitivenessp
  • 39.Industry-Wide Product Quality Averagesp
  • 40.Industry-Wide Product Price Competitiveness Averagesp
  • 41.Total Networkp
  • 42.Top 4 Drivers of CDN Purchase: All buyersp
  • 43.CDN Purchase Habits by Region: All Respondentsp
  • 44.Average Expected Growth in Spend by Region: All Respondentsp
  • 45.Expected Change in 12-Month Spending: Products with Greatest % of Respondents Expecting to Grow Spendp
  • 46.Product Penetration: Products with Lowest Penetration Ratep
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