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SupplierBusiness : Connected Car Report - North America

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SupplierBusiness : Connected Car Report - North America
Published: August 26, 2010 Content info: 117 PAGES

This publication has been discontinued on April 28, 2014.


The Connected Car Report - North American Edition provides a detailed study of the industry including market drivers and barriers, Business Models - Selling Telematics in the showroom, Deriving Value from the Telematics Value Chain and Connected Car Deployment Timelines.

The report also considers the Connected Car versus the Connected Driver, The New Value Chain - Automotive Apps Store, and technology penetration trends, in particular embedded Telematics solutions, tethered connectivity solutions, remote terminal solutions and the remote skin approach.

The report also features a review of key OEM implementations by Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota / Lexus and Volkswagen.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


  • Connected Car versus Connected Driver
  • Deriving Value from the Telematics Value Chain
  • Business Models - Selling Telematics in the showroom
  • Market Drivers & Barriers
  • Connected Car Deployment Timelines
  • Technology Penetration Trends
  • 1. Embedded Telematics Solutions
  • 2. Tethered Connectivity Solutions
  • 3. Remote Terminal Solutions
  • 4. Remote Skin Approach

The New Value Chain - Automotive Apps Store

Review of Key OEM Implementations

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • BMW' s Advanced Emergency Call
  • Next Generation Telematics Protocol
  • BMW Application Store
  • Connected Mini
  • Chrysler
  • UConnect
  • Applications
  • Ford
  • MyFord Touch
  • MyFord Touch Navigation Services
  • SYNC In-Car WiFi
  • General Motors
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Stolen Vehicle Slowdown
  • Destination Download and eNav
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • Technology Obsolescence and Network Evolution
  • OnStar and Electric Vehicles
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • ATX and MBUSA
  • Smart Drive
  • Toyota / Lexus
  • Safety Connect Overview
  • Lexus Enform Overview
  • Volkswagen
  • Safe & Sound Plan
  • Directions and Connections Plan
  • Luxury and Leisure Plan
  • VW' s App My Ride

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Connected Vehicle Market Share - US & Canada
  • Figure 2: Connected Vehicles - US & Canada car parc
  • Figure 3: Connected vehicle market share by OEM
  • Figure 4: Generic connected vehicle application groups
  • Figure 5: Enhancing embedded solutions by bringing in offboard functionality
  • Figure 6: Augmenting Mercedes Head Unit with smartphone apps - cradle solution
  • Figure 7: Nokia Terminal Mode - integrated with Continental controls and displays
  • Figure 8: Range of options for delivering apps to the car
  • Figure 9: Range of typical automotive apps
  • Figure 11: Audi screen showing link to online and special destinations, including Google branding in bottom right corner
  • Figure 10: Audi pop-up screen showing Google Earth
  • Figure 13: Audi display showing presentation of business search info from Google
  • Figure 14: Destinations can be pushed from desktop to car
  • Figure 15: Google Earth - 3D view
  • Figure 16: Harman-Becker touch pad control for Audi A8
  • Figure 17: Audi A8 centre console, showing ancillary display between the two dials
  • Figure 18: Activation of E-Call in BMW 5 series
  • Figure 19: BMW My Info Screenshots, showing GoogleMaps and "Send to Car" function
  • Figure 20: BMW Roadside Assistance showing location
  • Figure 21: NGTP architecture
  • Figure 22: Social networking in BMW' s ConnectedDrive
  • Figure 23: Web content in BMW' s ConnectedDrive
  • Figure 24: BMW' s Connected Mini cluster showing Web radio
  • Figure 25: Ford SYNC in-vehicle display, showing integration of onc¥board and integrated controls
  • Figure 26: MyFord Touch dual screens in the cluster
  • Figure 27: MyFord Touch - steering wheel controls
  • Figure 28: MyFord Touch centre stack with 8-inch touch-screen and capacitive switches
  • Figure 29: Eight-inch LCD centre stack screen showing four-corner layout
  • Figure 30: Turn-by-turn navigation in MyFord Touch right-side 4.2-inch instrument panel display
  • Figure 31: MyFord Touch SD card navigation map display
  • Figure 32: MyFord Touch POI display
  • Figure 33: Ford Sync Key Application, plus basic navigation icons
  • Figure 34: Ford SYNC web page for Application Developer Network
  • Figure 35: OnStar three button control panel in the bottom of the mirror
  • Figure 36: GM display showing that the Vehicle Slowdown function has been applied
  • Figure 37: GM head-unit display showing destination available for download
  • Figure 38: Mercedes Tele-aid controls, above rear view mirror
  • Figure 39: Cycle of content from off-board to on-board to off-board again (Mercedes, 2010) .
  • Figure 40: Mercedes vision of the next MyCOMAND internet services
  • Figure 41: Implementation of Mercedes' mbrace on Blackberry and iPhone
  • Figure 42: Mercedes mbrace service categories and packages
  • Figure 43: ATX downloadable apps, targeted at Mercedes drivers
  • Figure 44: Mercedes implementation of SmartDrive in the ForTwo hatch
  • Figure 45: Overhead module of Prius with Safety Connect emergency assistance button
  • Figure 46: Lexus Safety Connect implementation
  • Figure 47: Selecting eDestinations using the Lexus Enform service
  • Figure 48: Screenshots of Lexus Enform, showing weather, and access to XM content
  • Figure 49: VW' s in-vehicle implementation of Volkswagen Telematics by OnStar
  • Figure 50: Autonet mobile implementation in VW Routan

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Levels of OEM participation in services value chain
  • Table 2: OEM and customer requirements for telematics
  • Table 3: Factors driving the telematics market
  • Table 4: Barriers impeding the telematics market
  • Table 5: Growing pace of technology penetration
  • Table 6: BMW Safety Plan Available in North America
  • Table 7: BMW Convenience Plan Available in North America
  • Table 8: Features Available in MyFord Touch
  • Table 9: OnStar standard services
  • Table 10: Toyota / Lexus Safety Connect service descriptions
  • Table 11: Lexus Enform convenience services
  • Table 12: VW' s Safe and Sound plan service descriptions
  • Table 13: VW' s Directions and Connections plan service descriptions
  • Table 14: VW' s Luxury and Leisure plan service descriptions
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