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PUBLISHER: Analysys Mason | PRODUCT CODE: 1252911

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PUBLISHER: Analysys Mason | PRODUCT CODE: 1252911

6G Value Chains: Optimising the Operator's Role

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"Operators must take urgent steps to position themselves for a powerful role in the future metaverse value chains."

Operators' assets and capabilities will be essential to an emerging 6G/metaverse future, but unless they can identify strong roles in the value chains, that evolution could be delayed. They should adopt APIs and cloud technologies now to future-proof their assets and enable them to define a pivotal role in new value chains.

This report analyses the likely shape of the business models - and associated value chains - that will emerge with the evolution of the metaverse. This will be a process of significant change starting now, and extending to 2030 and beyond, by which time we envisage a Universal Digital Fabric (UDF) that will enable the next generation of metaverse and 6G businesses.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • How will value chains change to support industrial 5G platforms and future 6G/metaverse services?
  • Which operator assets are essential to the development of the UDF to enable 6G/metaverse services?
  • How can operators maximise the value of these assets in new value chains, however these eventually shape up?
  • Should operators try to move to a digital services role or focus on infrastructure and on other strengths that can be adapted and expanded for future businesses?

The four foundational layers of the digital services value chain,
linked by application programming interfaces

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Research overview
  • Strategies to future-proof current networks and business models
  • Value chain strategies for operators in the Industrial Edge Platform
  • Value chain strategies for operators in the Universal Digital Fabric
  • About the authors and Analysys Mason
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