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France country report 2012

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France country report 2012
Published: June 1, 2012 Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on October 25, 2013.




This Country Report provides a comprehensive overview of the key telecoms market indicators and the major fixed and mobile players in France. It also includes an analysis of the market outlook, which focuses on the following key trends and emerging opportunities.

  • The launch in January 2012 of Free Mobile, France's fourth licensed MNO, has shaken up the complacent French mobile market.
  • 4G spectrum has been allocated and the three established MNOs have all announced details of their LTE roll-out and launch schedules.
  • MNOs face pressure on their margins from the sharp successive reductions in MTRs to January 2013 imposed by the regulator ARCEP.
  • Roll-outs of FTTx have been gathering pace, and a number of landmark deals have been struck between operators to build fibre networks, but actual take-up of superfast broadband has been relatively low.
  • All three established MNOs have introduced quadruple-play packages to make use of their combined fixed and mobile network assets, and these are gaining in popularity.

The data annex

The data annex was updated on 3 April 2012 with 4Q 2011 data.

Analysys Mason's country report data annexes provide a range of key metrics for each country's telecoms market. Full-year historical figures are supplied for each year since 1999, alongside quarterly figures for the current calendar year. Metrics include the following.

Fixed telecoms market


  • PSTN
  • ISDN
  • VoBB
  • broadband (split by access technology: DSL, cable modem, FTTH/B, FWA and other)
  • households with voice
  • household penetration (for voice and broadband)
  • population penetration (broadband)
  • unbundled local loops
  • main lines digitalised (as a percentage of total narrowband lines).


  • service revenue, including nominal growth, revenue per connection per month, and the incumbent's share of revenue
  • retail revenue ('spend') - defined as service revenue minus wholesale revenue - as a percentage of GDP, per capita per year and per connection per month.


  • fixed-originated minutes.

Operator-level metrics/market share

  • broadband subscribers by major broadband operator (and associated market shares and year-on-year changes)
  • DSL connections (total and the incumbent's share).

Mobile telecoms market

Connections (total and split by prepaid and contract)

  • penetration (total)
  • percentage of activity (total and split by prepaid and contract)
  • 3G and above (as a percentage of total).


  • service revenue (total and split by prepaid and contract)
  • ARPU (total, prepaid and contract)
  • data revenue (as a percentage of service revenue)
  • retail revenue ('spend'), also as a percentage of GDP and per capita per year.


  • mobile-originated minutes.

Operator-level metrics/market share

  • active subscribers (and associated market share)
  • proportion of prepaid accounts
  • ARPU (total, prepaid and contract)
  • service revenue
  • data revenue (as a percentage of service revenue).
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