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Industrial IoT: Oportunities for Operators

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Industrial IoT: Oportunities for Operators
Published: November 29, 2019 Content info: 28 Slides

"The telecoms industry is promoting 5G as a ubiquitous networking solution to unify the three domains of industrial IoT."

The opportunity to apply IoT to the industrial sector is growing as enterprises in this sector are developing their digital transformation strategies (for the purposes of this report, ‘industrial' includes primary and secondary sectors (such as mining, oil and gas and manufacturing) as well as some tertiary sectors such as warehouses and transport hubs). This report examines operators' opportunity to address the demand from the industrial sector for new networks, the potential role of 5G in addressing requirements and early operator initiatives to address industrial IoT with existing technologies prior to 5G commercialisation.

The research is based on several sources including interviews with key stakeholders and Analysys Mason's internal research on IoT and industrial automation.

In this report, we answer the following questions:

  • What is driving the demand for new networks in the industrial sector?
  • What networks (and network models) are emerging to support industrial IoT before 5G is commercially available?
  • How will 5G enable operators to better address the networking requirements of the industrial sector?
  • What steps should operators take to address the opportunity?
  • What ecosystem models and partnerships are necessary to fulfil the industrial IoT vision?




Michele Mackenzie (Principal Analyst) is an analyst for Analysys Mason's IoT and M2M Services research programme, with responsibility for M2M and LPWA forecasts. She has 17 years of experience as an analyst. She produces reports and forecasts on M2M and IoT in industry sectors such as transport, healthcare and smart cities, and analyses the impact of IoT network technologies such as LPWA networks. Prior to joining Analysys Mason in February 2014, Michele was a freelance analyst with a focus on M2M and IoT technology and trends. She has written reports for Machina Research and produced research for other clients in areas such as mobile broadband and digital media.

Caroline Chappell (Research Director) co-ordinates Analysys Mason's digital transformation research and contributes to the Digital Infrastructure Strategies research programme. Her research focuses on service provider adoption of cloud, and the application of cloud technologies to fixed and mobile networks. She is a leading exponent of SDN and NFV and the potential that these technologieshave to enhance business agility and enable new revenue opportunities for service providers. Caroline investigates key cloud and networkvirtualisation challenges, and helps telecoms customers to devise strategies that mitigate the disruptive effects of cloud and support a smoothtransition to the era of software-controlled networks.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Research overview
  • Demand for 5G in the industrial sector
  • The vision for 5G in IIoT
  • Early operator IIoT initiatives
  • Appendix
  • About the authors and Analysys Mason
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