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Analyzing the Textile Chemicals Market in US

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Analyzing the Textile Chemicals Market in US
Published: May 1, 2012 Content info: 85 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on September 27, 2012.



Chemicals form an integral part of the textile manufacturing industry as they are required in many processes, starting from cleaning and bleaching of textiles to the modification of surfaces to even finishing of textiles. Therefore, textile chemicals are an important part of the textile industry.

The demand for textile chemicals in the US has witnessed a slowdown due to the increase in imports of textiles from Asia in the US. Furthermore, the economic recession has also had an impact on the industry. While the market recovered somewhat in 2011, it is not expected to witness significant growth till 2016.

Aruvians Rsearch analyzes the textile chemicals industry in the US in its research offering Analyzing the Textile Chemicals Market in US. The report is a complete analysis of the industry through the leading segments of textile colorants & auxiliaries, textile coating & sizing chemicals, textile finishing chemicals and other textile chemicals.

The report analyzes the US market for textile chemicals though an industry overview, an analysis of the market demand, as well as an analysis of the market by different types of textile chemicals.

Industry trends across different types of segments are analyzed, followed by an analysis of the industry structure. Regulatory framework that has influenced the market significantly in recent years is also analyzed.

The industry's future perspective is looked at through a segment-wise market forecast as well as an industry outlook.

An analysis of the major market players such as Clariant, Huntsman Corporation, BASF SE, Kiri Industries and others is carried out through a corporate profile, business segment analysis, financial analysis, industry presence, and a SWOT analysis, completing this comprehensive analysis of the Textile Chemicals Industry in the US.

Table of Contents


A. Executive Summary

B. Market for Textile Chemicals in US

  • B.1 Industry Overview
  • B.2 Market Demand
  • B.3 Market for Textile Colorants & Auxiliaries
  • B.4 Market for Textile Coating & Sizing Chemicals
  • B.5 Market for Textile Finishing Chemicals
  • B.6 Market for Other Textile Chemicals
  • B.7 Industry Trends
  • B.8 Industry Structure

C. Industry Segmentation

  • C.1 Overview
  • C.2 Textile Chemicals in the Apparel Sector
  • C.3 Textile Chemicals in the Home Furnishings Sector
  • C.4 Textile Chemicals in the Industrial & Other Sectors

D. Regulatory Framework

E. Textile Chemicals Market in the US: Future Perspective

  • E.1 Industry Forecast
  • E.2 Forecast for Textile Fibers
  • E.3 Future of Textile Colorants & Auxiliaries
  • E.4 Future of Textile Coating & Sizing Chemicals
  • E.5 Future of Textile Finishing Chemicals
  • E.6 Future of Other Textile Chemicals
  • E.7 Forecast: Textile Chemicals in the Apparel Sector
  • E.8 Forecast: Textile Chemicals in the Home Furnishings Sector
  • E.9 Forecast: Textile Chemicals in the Industrial & Other Sectors

F. Leading Industry Contributors

  • F.1 Clariant
    • F.1.1 Corporate Profile
    • F.1.2 Business Segment Analysis
    • F.1.3 Financial Analysis
    • F.1.4 Industry Presence
    • F.1.5 SWOT Analysis
  • F.2 Huntsman Corporation
    • F.2.1 Corporate Profile
    • F.2.2 Business Segment Analysis
    • F.2.3 Financial Analysis
    • F.2.4 Industry Presence
    • F.2.5 SWOT Analysis
  • F.3 BASF SE
    • F.3.1 Corporate Profile
    • F.3.2 Business Segment Analysis
    • F.3.3 Financial Analysis
    • F.3.4 SWOT Analysis
  • F.4 The Dow Chemical Company
    • F.4.1 Corporate Profile
    • F.4.2 Business Segment Analysis
    • F.4.3 Financial Analysis
    • F.4.4 SWOT Analysis
  • F.5 Kiri Industries

I. Glossary of Terms

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