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Analyzing the Reinforced Plastics Market in the US

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Analyzing the Reinforced Plastics Market in the US
Published: August 1, 2012 Content info: 100 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on September 27, 2012.



Reinforced plastic is a composite material made up of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers. The reinforced plastics industry in the US generated significant economic activity in recent years. With time, a wide variety of reinforced plastic processes have evolved to facilitate efficient production of many different types of composites with different physical properties. Fiberglass is the most widely used reinforcement for plastics, with carbon the least used.

Most reinforcement materials are made of inorganic materials such as fiberglass, asbestos, and carbon and other high cost fibers. Cellulose is the major natural organic used as a reinforcement. Better growth is expected for reinforced thermoplastics based on their easier processing and better aesthetics. Thermoset resins are dominant because of their strength, low cost, corrosion resistance and other properties.

Niche opportunities are expected in areas such as rebar, bridge decking, utility poles and wind turbine blades. Glass fibers are anticipated to be the most dominant of all products throughout the coming decade.

Participants in the US reinforced plastics industry operate on a variety of levels, from producers and distributors of raw materials such as resins, additives and reinforcements, to plastic compounders and processors, to manufacturers of finished products.

Aruvians Rsearch analyzes the reinforced plastics market in the US in its research offering Analyzing the Reinforced Plastics Market in the US. The report is a complete analysis of the industry through the leading segments of thermoset resins and thermoplastic resins. Thermoset resins are further segregated into polyester resins and other thermoset resins.

The report analyzes the US market for reinforced plastics through an industry overview, an analysis of the market demand, as well as an analysis of the market by different types of reinforced plastics.

Industry trends across different types of segments are analyzed, followed by an analysis of the industry structure. Regulatory framework governing the industry is also looked at.

The industry's future perspective is looked at through a segment-wise market forecast as well as an industry outlook.

An analysis of the major market players such as DuPont, Ashland Corporation and others is carried out through a corporate profile, business segment analysis, financial analysis, industry presence, and a SWOT analysis, completing this comprehensive analysis of the Reinforced Plastics Industry in the US.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A. Executive Summary

B. Market for Reinforced Plastics in the US

  • B.1. Industry Overview
  • B.2. Market Demand
  • B.3. Market for Thermoset Resins
  • B.4. Market for Polyester Resins
  • B.5. Market for Other Thermoset Resins
  • B.6. Market for Thermoplastic Resins
  • B.7. Industry Trends
  • B.8. Industry Structure

C. Industry Segmentation

  • C.1. Overview
  • C.2. Reinforced Plastics in the Automobile Sector
  • C.3. Reinforced Plastics in the Construction Sector
  • C.4. Reinforced Plastics in the Producer Durable Equipment Sector
  • C.5. Reinforced Plastics in Other Sectors

D. Competition to Reinforced Plastics

E. Regulatory Framework

F. Reinforced Plastics in the US: Future Perspective

  • F.1. Industry Forecast
  • F.2. Future of Thermoset Resins
  • F.3. Future of Polyester Resins
  • F.4. Future of Other Thermoset Resins
  • F.5. Future of Thermoplastic Resins
  • F.6. Forecast for Reinforced Plastics in the Automobile Sector
  • F.7. Forecast for Reinforced Plastics in the Construction Sector
  • F.8. Forecast for Reinforced Plastics in the Producer Durable Equipment Sector
  • F.9. Forecast for Reinforced Plastics in Other Sectors

G. Leading Industry Contributors

  • G.1. AOC LLC
    • G.1.1. Corporate Profile
    • G.1.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.1.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.1.4. Industry Presence
    • G.1.5. SWOT Analysis
  • G.2. Ashland Incorporated
    • G.2.1. Corporate Profile
    • G.2.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.2.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.2.4. Industry Presence
    • G.2.5. SWOT Analysis
  • G.3. Reichhold, Inc. (Subsidiary of DIC Corporation)
    • G.3.1. Corporate Profile
    • G.3.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.3.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.3.4. Industry Presence
    • G.3.5. SWOT Analysis
  • G.4. DuPont (EI) de Nemours
    • G.4.1. Corporate Overview
    • G.4.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.4.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.4.4. SWOT Analysis
  • G.5. Ferro Corporation
    • G.5.1. Corporate Profile
    • G.5.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.5.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.5.4. SWOT Analysis
  • G.6. 3M Company
    • G.6.1. Corporate Profile
    • G.6.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.6.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.6.4. SWOT Analysis
  • G.7. PolyOne Corporation
    • G.7.1. Corporate Profile
    • G.7.2. Business Segment Analysis
    • G.7.3. Financial Analysis
    • G.7.4. SWOT Analysis

H. Glossary of Terms

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