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PUBLISHER: Auto2x Ltd | Automotive Intelligence Consulting | PRODUCT CODE: 1213408

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PUBLISHER: Auto2x Ltd | Automotive Intelligence Consulting | PRODUCT CODE: 1213408

Top Blockchain, NFT, Digital Wallet, Metaverse and other WEB3 Opportunities in Automotive

PAGES: 56 Pages; 45 Tables & Graphs
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Auto2x unveils new automotive applications of blockchain technologies to advance automated, connected, electric driving and sustainability

Autonomous Driver DNA, Self-charging EVs, Vehicle Wallets, NFT-based service history and Autonomous Guardian top Auto2x's ranking of emerging ADAS

Auto2x examined advancements in exponential technologies, such as Blockchain, AI, Computing, Data, Materials and User Interface, to identify opportunities for new ADAS features to customers which improve cabin safety, boost passenger convenience and enhance personalization.

We categorize the emerging ADAS features based on their value addition and technological maturity. Value addition reflects the incremental benefits or quantum leaps comparing to existing ADAS. Technological maturity captures the commercial availability and deployment of the features.

  • 1. Vehicle Wallet for EV Charging based on Digital Identities, such as BMW's pilot for charging with renewables
  • 2. NFT-based Service & Updates' Vehicle history
  • 3. Autonomous Guardian
  • 4. Autonomous self-charging electric car.
  • 5. Acoustic vehicle monitoring & signalling
  • 6. Autonomous Driver DNA
  • 7. Self-Navigation & Route optimization

What this report delivers

  • Identify new automotive applications of Blockchain & WEB3 with high potential, different maturity levels.
  • Assess the tech building blocks and their maturity to allocate development effort and resources
  • Learn about the strategies of leading players and the emerging disruptors: Investments, partnerships, organizational structure
  • Understand the progress of regulation

Table of Contents

  • 1. The top opportunities in blockhain and WEB3 for electric cars, ADAS and Circular Mobility
    • 1. Breakdown by technology
    • 2. Opportunities & Challenges
  • 2. Maturity level for technological building blocks and market adoption
  • 3. Regulation, policy and standards
  • 4. Technology and innovation
  • 5. Strategy, business models and emerging competition
  • 6. Outlook & impact on main automotive players
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