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Smart Home Market & Smart Home Security

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Smart Home Market & Smart Home Security
Published: February 6, 2017 Content info:

Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar and confident with new digital technologies. In light of all this, connected devices for the home environment such as: smart utility meters, smart thermostats, connected security cameras and others are becoming more familiar to home owners. This in turn is leading to a greater need for more robust smart home security solutions, as while many smart home devices are designed to be secure, the connections between them are often not protected.

This paper provides an overall assessment of the current status of the smart home market. The research revolves around six key axes:

  • 1. Defining the smart home and its components.
    • This definition will be then used to explore the current smart home solutions available in the market place.
  • 2. Discussing the state of adoption of smart home solutions.
    • This will be done through an assessment of the current adopters.
    • The research will then propose a view on the groups of adopters that will drive the growth of the smart home market.
  • 3. Exploring the dynamics of the smart home market highlighting key barriers and drivers for the growth of the market.
  • 4. Assess the smart home value chain describing the key stakeholders and their opportunities.
    • 5. Analyse existing business models and provide a views on new potential ones.
  • 6. Explore future directions of the smart home market.
    • Along side this, a complimentary market brief focuses on the challenges, approaches and opportunities for smart home security.
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