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IoT Platforms Market Analysis Report, H2 2017

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IoT Platforms Market Analysis Report, H2 2017
Published: November 16, 2017 Content info:

Want to know what's really going on in the IoT Platform Services Market? This report is the first in its series, providing unprecedented insight into the IoT platforms market. Analysing data from 450 user searches of our online tool IoT Pilot, during the mid-2017 period.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Motivations
  • Definitions
    • Figure 1. Key Components of an IoT Solution
    • Figure 2. IoT Platform Composition in Layers & Services
  • Methodology
  • Research Methods & Sources

Adapter view of IoT Platforms

  • Figure 3. Regions of Interest for Adopters
  • Figure 4. Professional Background of Participants
  • IoT Markets &Applications
    • Figure 5. IoT Market Segments of Interest
    • Figure 6. IoT Applications of Interest
  • 0n Connected Devices
    • Figure 7. Number of Devices Adopters are
  • Interested in Connecting
    • Figure 8. Method of Data Processing& Storage
    • Figure 9. Purposes of the IoT Solution
    • Figure 10. Purposes For Connecting Devices
  • Within Each Vertical
  • Application Development
    • Figure 11. Adopter Need for Developing
  • Applications
  • Customer Support
    • Figure 12. Need for After-Sale Support
    • Figure 13. Need of Integration between IoT Platform and Existing Systems
    • Figure 14. Need of Support to Execute Integration with Existing Enterprise Systems

The IoT Platform Vendor Landscape

  • The Number of IoT Platform Vendors
    • Figure 15. Evolution of M2M/IoT Platforms from 2005 to 2017
  • Analysis of the IoT Platform Vendor Offer
    • Figure 16. Assessment of IoT Platform Vendor
  • Offers - The Average Offer
    • Figure 17. IoT Platform Vendor Landscape per Service Offering Group
    • Figure 18. Platform Vendor Grouping per Vertical Interest
    • Figure 19. Vertical Specialisation for Multi-Vertical & Vertical-Focus Specialist
    • Figure 20. Geographic Footprint of IoT Platform Vendors
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