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Best Practices for Advertising to Life Scientists: Online and in Print

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Best Practices for Advertising to Life Scientists: Online and in Print
Published: August 24, 2018 Content info: 85 Pages

In order to develop successful advertising strategies, vendors must place their print and online ads in publications that scientists perceive as trusted and welcome sources of information. Going beyond usage and preferences, this report also uncovers areas that might be undermining your advertising campaign.

The results of a 55- question online survey of 1,125 Life Scientists provides substantial data and insights on how scientists search for information, what types of advertising appeals to them the most, and which attributes might influence them to click on sponsored content. In addition, this report also includes an in-depth analysis of how different generations (Boomers, Gen X, Xennials, Millennials, etc.) interact with and prefer different forms of advertisements, and on which publications they spend the most time reading.

This report allows companies to critically examine their current advertising efforts, and is a comprehensive guide for future success.

Objectives of this Report:

  • 1. Enable you to critically examine your current print and online advertising strategies.
  • 2. Identify specific steps related to ad creation, format, placement and calls to action using the primary research provided.
  • 3. Provide specific guidance for developing an effective and efficient advertising strategy for different sectors as well as different consumer age generations.
Table of Contents
Product Code: 18-014

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Voice of the Customer

  • Print vs. Online or Print and Online?
  • The Regional Picture for Advertising
  • The Generation Game (or: The Generation Gap)
  • What Can My Organization Do to Maximize Advertising Effectiveness?

Perceptions of Print and Online Advertising

  • Summary
  • Time spent reading research-related content
  • Reading time dedicated to research-related products
  • Mean hours per week dedicated to research-related reading in 2018
  • Opinions of life science advertising
  • Effectiveness of online vs. print advertising
  • Importance of online vs. print advertising
  • Use of online vs. print advertising to make decisions

Online Advertising

  • Summary
  • Effect of online advertising in the life sciences
  • Devices used and preferred to access the internet
  • Combinations of devices used to access research-related content
  • Use of general search engines
  • Response to sponsored links
  • Sponsored link click-through response
  • Perception of sponsored link accuracy
  • Perception of sponsored link usefulness
  • Product-related search term combinations
  • Use of general search terms
  • Online publications read/visited
  • Likelihood of sponsored content to engage potential customers
  • Customer perceptions of retargeted ads
  • Preferred types of retargeted content
  • Customer perceptions of banner ads by type of website
  • Banner ad click-through by web page position
  • Customer engagement with different types of online ads
  • Annoying attributes of online ads
  • Customer engagement with animated vs. static banner ads
  • Life science suppliers with memorable online ads
  • Use of ad-blocking software

Print Advertising

  • Summary
  • Percentage of time spent reading product-related sections of scientific publications
  • Usefulness of print sources for informing about products/services
  • Likelihood of sponsored media to engage potential customers
  • Print scientific publications read
  • The fate of print copies of scientific publications
  • Number of readers per print copy of scientific publications
  • Likelihood that scientific journals are saved
  • Preferred calls to action in response to a print ad
  • Life science suppliers with memorable print ads
  • Life science advertising in the general media
  • Effect of print advertising in the life sciences

Methodology & Demographics



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