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Water & Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan Outlook: Top 100 U.S. Utility Profiles

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Water & Wastewater Capital Improvement Plan Outlook: Top 100 U.S. Utility Profiles
Published: September 10, 2019 Content info:

New Data Insight available now. (Report included with US & Canada Municipal Insight service subscription).

Over the 10-year period from 2019 to 2028, total capital expenditures (CAPEX) for the top 100 U.S. utilities are projected to total over US$207 billion. These 100 utilities serve over 86.8 million for water, 86.6 million for wastewater, and 40.7 million for stormwater (representing 28% percent of the water market and 49% of the wastewater market). From population growth to the proliferation of digital technologies to climate change, a host of market factors are impacting where utilities spend their dollars.

Bluefield's Data Insight details the strategies and priorities for the top 100 U.S. Utilities.


  • Profiles of top 100 Utilities across the U.S.
  • Capital Improvement Plans for water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure
  • Change in planned CAPEX spend from 2018 to 2019 planning cycles
  • Per capita CAPEX for Water & Wastewater
  • Spend broken down by water, wastewater and stormwater


  • How much do major utilities across the U.S. plan to spend on CAPEX for the next 10 years?
  • Which segments expect the most spend and how has this changed from last year?
  • Which infrastructure asset classes (i.e. plants, pipes, pumps, etc.) are slated to see the most investment over the coming years?
  • Which utilities are poised for the largest expenditures?
  • How do utility per capita spending patterns vary?


  • Wastewater represents the lion's share of utility CAPEX.
  • Utilities are investing more in water infrastructure, dollars per capita are on the rise.
  • Utilities vary in the services they provide, and therefore their CAPEX spend also varies.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Top 100 U.S. Utilities

  • Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
  • Allegheny County Sanitary Authority
  • Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility
  • Atlanta Department of Watershed Management
  • Austin Water
  • Baltimore Department of Public Works
  • Billings Public Works Department
  • Boise Public Works Department
  • Boston Water and Sewer Commission
  • Burlington Department of Public Works
  • Cedar Rapids (Utilities Department; Public Works Department)
  • Central Arkansas Water
  • Charleston Water System
  • Charlotte Water
  • Chicago Department of Water Management
  • Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities
  • Cincinnati (Department of Water Works; Sewers; Stormwater Management)
  • Clark County Water Reclamation District
  • Cleveland Department of Public Utilities
  • Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority
  • Cobb County Water System
  • Columbus Department of Public Utilities
  • Concord General Services Department
  • County of Summit (Department of Sanitary Sewer Services; Storm Water Initiative)
  • Dallas Water Utilities Department
  • DC Water
  • Denver Department of Public Works
  • Denver Water
  • Des Moines Department of Public Works
  • Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority
  • Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District
  • El Paso Water Utilities
  • Fairfax County (Fairfax Water; Department of Public Works and Environmental Services)
  • Falls Church Department of Public Works
  • Fargo (Public Works Department; Water Treatment Department; Wastewater Department)
  • Fort Worth (Water Department; Stormwater Management)
  • Fresno Department of Public Utilities
  • Great Lakes Water Authority
  • Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources
  • Hartford Metropolitan District Commission
  • City and County of Honolulu (Department of Environmental Services; Facility Maintenance)
  • Honolulu Board of Water Supply
  • Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering
  • Jackson Department of Public Works
  • Jacksonville Electric Authority
  • Jefferson County Environmental Services
  • KC Water
  • King County Wastewater Treatment Division
  • Las Vegas Valley Water District
  • Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department
  • Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority
  • Long Beach (Water Department; Stormwater/Environmental Compliance Division)
  • Los Angeles (Department of Water and Power, Sanitation, Stormwater)
  • Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)
  • Louisville Water Company
  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
  • Memphis Public Works Division
  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  • Meridian Public Works Department
  • Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
  • Milwaukee Department of Public Works
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • Minneapolis Public Works Department
  • Mobile Area Water and Sewer System
  • Morgantown Utility Board
  • Nashville and Davidson County Metro Water Services
  • Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
  • New York City Department of Environmental Protection
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Oklahoma City (Public Works Department; Utilities Department)
  • Omaha Department of Public Works
  • Philadelphia Water Department
  • Phoenix Water Services Department
  • Pima County (Regional Water Reclamation; Regional Flood Control)
  • Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
  • Portland (Water Bureau; Bureau of Environmental Services)
  • Portland Water District
  • Raleigh Public Utilities Department
  • Riverside Western Municipal Water District
  • Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities
  • San Antonio Transportation and Capital Improvements Department
  • San Antonio Water System
  • San Diego County Water Authority
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  • Seattle Public Utilities Department
  • Shreveport (Water & Sewerage Department; Department of Public Works)
  • Sioux Falls Public Works Department
  • South Bend Department of Public Works
  • Suffolk County Public Works
  • Suffolk County Water Authority
  • Tampa (Water Department, Wastewater Department, Stormwater Department)
  • Trenton Public Works Department
  • Tucson Water
  • Tulsa (Water and Sewer Department; Streets and Stormwater Department)
  • Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities
  • Warwick (Warwick Water Division; Warwick Sewer Division)
  • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
  • Wichita Public Works and Utilities Department
  • Wilmington Public Works Department
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