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India Oil & Gas

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India Oil & Gas
Published: annual subscription Content info: 98 Pages

Key View:

Upstream performance will continue to diverge over the coming years, with firming production and new inflows of capital into gas counterbalanced by sharp underperformance in crude. Small field auctions will help offset natural decline rates, but the prospects for major greenfield investments in oil are poor. New reforms - which have improved licensing procedures and fiscal terms - pose additional upside in the coming years. The refining sector will continue to grow, feeding rising domestic demand and competing for market share abroad. However, rising global oil prices will see profit margins for some refiners becoming squeezed. We are bullish on the prospects for demand for both oil and gas over the long term, but a sharp deterioration in the 2020 economic outlook poses headwinds to growth next year.

Table of Contents
Product Code: SSIN02_20200101

Table of Contents

  • Key View
  • SWOT
  • Oil & Gas SWOT
  • Industry Forecast
  • Upstream Exploration
  • Upstream Projects
  • Upstream Oil Production
  • Upstream Gas Production
  • Refining Forecast
  • Refined Fuels Consumption
  • Gas Consumption
  • Oil Trade
  • Gas Trade
  • Industry Risk/Reward Index
  • Asia Upstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • Asia Downstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • India Upstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • India Downstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • Market Overview
  • India Energy Market Overview
  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure
  • Company Profile
  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • ONGC
  • Oil India
  • Regional Overview
  • Asia Oil & Gas Regional Overview
  • Oil & Gas Glossary
  • Oil & Gas Methodology
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