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Market Research Report

US HVAC Controls 2018

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US HVAC Controls 2018
Published: November 30, 2018 Content info: 70 Pages

Report Overview:

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the US HVAC controls market covering key products used for heating, hot water and ventilation systems (both integrated and separate). Key data points include the evolution of historical and future trends as well as an examination of technical segmentations, structure of supply and routes to market.

Market Developments:

Developments of the overall controls market in North America continued to be positive in 2017, benefitting from heightened levels of residential completions and increased economic expansion. The market has been characterized in recent years by rapid growth of internet-connected and wireless models. Indeed, the smart thermostat (“connected room temperature controls') market consists of many start-up companies and majority of products are installed in housing RMI and Upgrade sectors.

Product Coverage:

This report focuses on the following product categories:

  • Heating controls o Programmers
    • Room controls
    • Weather compensated controls
  • Solar controls
  • Ventilation controls

Key Data Points:

  • Historical volume trends (2005-2017) and forecasts (2018-2022)
  • Analysis of key market drivers and an understanding of the main influences affecting the future market outlook
  • Market values and average prices (2016 and 2017) at manufacturer selling price (MSP) level
  • End use sector segmentation (e.g. new housing, RMI, non housing)
  • Market shares per brand/company (2016 & 2017)
  • Technical segmentation (2017) by o Application
    • Type of Communication
    • Functionality
    • Modulation
  • Distribution analysis including routes to market flow diagrams
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Background: USA - Controls

A.0. US - Background

  • A.1. Background: Overview
  • A.2. Key Figures
  • A.3. Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts
  • A.4. New Dwelling Construction
    • A.5.1. Housing Stock by State
    • A.5.2. Dwelling Stock by Type and Tenure

Distribution: USA - Controls

B.0. US - Distribution

  • B.1. Distribution: Structural Overview

The US Controls Market

1.0. US - HVAC Controls

  • 1.1. US - Market Sector Overview: HVAC Controls
  • 1.2. Historical Trends and Forecasts: HVAC Controls
  • 1.3. Prices and Market Values: HVAC Controls
    • 1.4.1. End Use Segment: Base Year (HVAC Controls)
    • 1.4.2. End Use Segment: Trend (HVAC Controls)
    • 1.4.3. Tech. Segmentation: Application
    • 1.4.4. Tech. Segmentation: Radio Frequency
    • 1.4.5. Tech. Segmentation: Room Temp. Functionality
    • 1.4.6. Tech. Segmentation: Weather Comp. Functionality
    • 1.4.7. Tech. Segmentation: Modulation
    • 1.5.1. Market Shares: A/C (Separate)
    • 1.5.2. Market Shares: A/C (Integrated)
    • 1.5.3. Market Shares: Room Temp. Non Connected (Sep.)
    • 1.5.4. Market Shares: Room Temp. Connected (Separate)
    • 1.5.5. Market Shares: Weather Comp. Controls (Separate)
    • 1.5.6. Market Shares: Weather Comp. Controls (Int.)
    • 1.5.7. Market Shares: Ventilation Controls (Separate)
    • 1.5.8. Market Shares: Ventilation Controls (Integrated)
    • 1.6.1. Distribution: Heating Controls
    • 1.6.2. Distribution: Ventilation Controls
    • 1.6.3. Distribution: A/C Controls
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