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2017 China Household Appliances Manufacturing Industry Financial Analysis Annual Report

Published by Beijing Data Time Consulting Ltd. Product code 431644
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2017 China Household Appliances Manufacturing Industry Financial Analysis Annual Report
Published: March 28, 2018 Content info:


This financial analysis report focuses more on the below key financial indicators so that you can have deep understanding of how the industry is running in China now and its development trend and potential. Furthermore you can find all the data are detailed very much based on a monthly basis with lots of historical data which are traced back to around 10 years ago or even more, with those data and information, it helps you to do business in this industry or compete with those players more efficiently.

It's a good report for investment, consulting agencies and manufacturers etc.

Normally below major indicators are contained in the report for the industry and its sub-industry for your reference and analysis.

  • Enterprises number in the industry
  • Main business income
  • Total profit
  • Main business cost
  • Operating expenses
  • Tax and associate charge
  • Financial expenses
  • Administrative expenses
  • Total tax
  • Net accounts receivable
  • Finished goods
  • Average balance of current assets
  • Total assets
  • Total liabilities
  • Asset-liability ratio
  • Current assets turnover
  • Capital occupation rate for finished products
  • Capital maintenance and appreciation rate
  • Sales margins
  • Profit-cost ratio
  • Average employment
  • Number of loss-making enterprises
  • Sales value of industry
  • Export delivery value
  • Output value of new products
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • 1. Household Electrical Appliances Manufacturing
  • 2. Sub-industry: Household Refrigeration Electrical Appliances Manufacturing
  • 3. Sub-industry: Household Air Conditioners Manufacturing
  • 4. Sub-industry: Household Ventilating Appliance Manufacturing
  • 5. Sub-industry: Household Kitchen Electrical Appliance Manufacturing
  • 6. Sub-industry: Household Electric Sanitation Ware Manufacturing
  • 7. Sub-industry: Household Hairdressing and Health Care Appliance Manufacturing
  • 8. Sub-industry: Special Purpose Parts and Accessories for Household Electric Manufacturing
  • 9. Sub-industry: Other Household Electrical Appliances Manufacturing
  • 10. Household Non-electric Appliances Manufacturing
  • 11. Sub-industry: Other Household Non-electric Appliances Manufacturing
  • 12. Illuminating Appliances Manufacturing
  • 13. Sub-industry: Electric Light Source Manufacturing
  • 14. Sub-industry: Lamp Fittings Manufacturing
  • 15. Sub-industry: Illuminating Parts for Lamp and Other Illuminating Appliances Manufacturing
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