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2018 China 3C Industry Research Report

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2018 China 3C Industry Research Report
Published: March 29, 2018 Content info:

3C is the collective name for computers, communications and consumer electronics.

Although the traditional 3C industry has a large market space, however, the growth of the industry slowed down, it began to enter the competitive landscape of the Red Sea. Technological innovation becomes a point of force for manufacturers, At the same time, the trend of automation upgrade brings new production lines to 3C manufacturing companies. As a result, there will have new demand for 3C equipment.

According to our estimation, the investment in equipment for the new product line accounts for more than 50% of the total investment in equipment.

This report will bring you the latest analysis and data on China 3C equipment industry, like the industry development, opportunities, technology, cost and big players operation analysis. It's a good research report to help you get a deeper understanding on this industry in China.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 3C Industry: Wide Coverage, Huge Production and Huge Market Size

  • 1.1 Complex Producing Process, Huge Scale of Industry Chain
  • 1.2 Large Stock Market, 3C Industry Continues to Boom
  • 1.3 3C Equipment Benefits from Those Positive Factors, Incremental Market Space in 2018 Will Reach 297 Billion Yuan

2 Technology & Cost Dual Drive, 3C Equipment Industry Has Big Growth Potential

  • 2.1 Increased Consumption Attributes of 3C Equipment Industry Will Promote the Industry's Continued Prosperity
  • 2.2 Technology Upgrades Bring New Products, Spawning 3C Equipment Needs
  • 2.3 The Demographic Dividend Disappears and the 3C Automation Is the Trend for Future Development

3 Display Panel Production Transfer, Usher in Relevant Equipment Requirements

  • 3.1 Display Panel Production Process
  • 3.2 Domestic Equipment Manufacturers Benefit from Display Panel Production Transfer
  • 3.3 Testing Equipment and Module Equipment Gradually Localized in China

4 Apple Leads the Continuous Development Of 3C Industry

  • 4.1 40 Years of Product Innovation and Development of Apple Is Leading 3C Industry Trend
  • 4.2 Apple Supports Supply Chain Vendors and Integrates Product Strategy
  • 4.3 Iphone8 And IPhone X Lead the Four Major Technological Changes
  • 4.4 3C Equipment Benefiting from Apple's Industrial Chain

5 Key Company Analysis

  • 5.1 Wuhan Jingce Electronic
  • 5.2 Shenzhen Liande Automatic

6 Industry Risk Analysis

Charts List

  • 3c Product Categories
  • Smartphone Industry Chain.
  • The Density of Industrial Robots in China Is Small and The Space for Future Improvement Is Obvious
  • Global Smart Phone Shipment Growth Slows
  • China's 4G Mobile Phones and Smart Phones Account for More Than 90%
  • OLED Structure
  • China's 16-59-Year-Old Working-Age Population Is Declining Year by Year
  • The Average Wage of Chinese Manufacturing Workers Gradually Increases
  • The Density of Industrial Robots (Unit/Per 10,000 Persons) In China Is Far Behind the Developed Countries
  • The Average Import Price of Industrial Robots Showed A Downward Trend as A Whole
  • Display Panel Production and Display Module Assembly Process Diagram
  • Apple's 200 Main Suppliers, Accounting For 11.5% In Mainland China
  • 2d, 2.5d, 3d Glass Illustration
  • Wireless Charger
  • Apple Part of The Industrial Chain
  • 2016-2020 Global AMLOED Equipment Market Space Distribution (Us$100 Million)
  • AOI Optical Inspection Equipment
  • 3d Curved Glass Manufacturing Process
  • The Sort of Flat Display Production Equipment Importance
  • Wuhan Jingce Electronics' Main Development Process
  • Steady Increase in Sales Revenue of Wuhan Jingce Electronic
  • Gradually Increasing Net Profit of Wuhan Jingce Electronic
  • Wuhan Jingce Electronics' Net Profit Margin Rose Steadily
  • Shenzhen Liande Automatic's Main Development Process
  • Shenzhen Liande Automatic: 2017 Net Profit Increased Significantly Year-On-Year Basis
  • Shenzhen Liande Automatic: The Company's Gross Profit Margin And Net Profit Rate Have Declined
  • Shenzhen Liande Automatic: Equipment Business Is The Company's Core Business (2017)
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