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PUBLISHER: China Research and Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 1162454

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PUBLISHER: China Research and Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 1162454

Research Report on China's Electric Two-wheelers Export 2023-2032

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Electric two-wheelers are also called electric bicycles, and China is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of two-wheeled electric vehicles. Since the electric two-wheelers produced in China have the advantages of high cost performance and wide variety, the export volume of Chinese electric two-wheelers has been increasing in recent years.


In 2021, China exported 22.875 million electric two-wheelers, up 27.5% year-on-year, and exported US$5.28 billion, up 50.7% year-on-year. According to CRI's analysis, in the first three quarters of 2022, China exported 13.044 million electric two-wheelers, down 22.6% year-on-year, and exported US$4.23 billion, up 9.3% year-on-year.

In 2021, China exported electric two-wheelers to a total of 193 countries and regions. According to CRI's analysis, China's major export destinations for electric two-wheelers by volume are the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany and France. In 2021, China exported 9.411 million electric two-wheelers to the U.S., accounting for 41.1% of the total export volume and US$1.52 billion, or 28.7% of the total export value.

CRI analyzes that the average export price of China's electric two-wheelers in 2018-2022 generally shows a change trend of first decreasing and then increasing. 2018-2020, the unit price of electric two-wheelers exports decreases slightly and remains roughly in the price range of US$195-210 per unit. 2020-2022, the unit price of electric two-wheelers exports increases year by year in the first three quarters. 2022, in the first three quarters, the China's average export price of electric two-wheelers was US$324.6 per unit, up 41.3% year-on-year.

In 2021, the average export price of China's electric two-wheelers is US$231.0 per unit. CRI analysis shows that among the top ten destinations of China's electric two-wheelers, the average unit price of electric two-wheelers exported to the United States is the lowest at US$161.1 per unit, and the average unit price of electric two-wheelers exported to South Korea is the highest at US$472.1 per unit.

In the global environment of energy saving and emission reduction, the market demand for electric two-wheelers has increased greatly. China is the world's largest two-wheeled vehicle production base, and the vast overseas market provides new opportunities for China's electric two-wheeled vehicle exports, which CRI expects will further expand in 2023-2032.

Topics covered:

  • China's Electric Two-wheelers Export Status and Major Sources in 2018-2022
  • What is the Impact of COVID-19 on China's Electric Two-wheelers Export?
  • Which Companies are the Major Players in China's Electric Two-wheelers Export Market and What are their Competitive Benchmarks?
  • Key Drivers and Market Opportunities in China's Electric Two-wheelers Export
  • What are the Key Drivers, Challenges, and Opportunities for China's Electric Two-wheelers Export during 2023-2032?
  • What is the Expected Revenue of China's Electric Two-wheelers Export during 2023-2032?
  • What are the Strategies Adopted by the Key Players in the Market to Increase Their Market Share in the Industry?
  • What are the Competitive Advantages of the Major Players in China's Electric Two-wheelers Export Market?
  • Which Segment of China's Electric Two-wheelers Export is Expected to Dominate the Market in 2032?
  • What are the Major Adverse Factors Facing China's Electric Two-wheelers Export?
Product Code: 2211614

Table of Contents

1. 2018-2022 China Electric Two-wheelers Export Analysis

  • 1.1 Scale of China's Electric Two-wheelers Exports
    • 1.1.1. Export Volume of China's Electric Two-wheelers
    • 1.1.2. Export Value of China's Electric Two-wheelers
    • 1.1.3. China's Export Price of Electric Two-wheelers
  • 1.2 China's Main Export Destinations of Electric Two-wheelers
    • 1.2.1. By Export Volume
    • 1.2.2. By Export Value

2. 2018-2022 China Electric Motorcycle Export Analysis

  • 2.1 Electric Motorcycle Export Volume
  • 2.2 Electric Motorcycle Export Value
  • 2.3. Electric Motorcycle Export Price
  • 2.4. Electric Motorcycle Export Sources
    • 2.4.1. By Export Volume
    • 2.4.2. By Export Value

3. 2018-2022 China Electric Moped Export Analysis

  • 3.1 Electric Moped Export Volume
  • 3.2. Electric Moped Export Value
  • 3.3. Electric Moped Export Price
  • 3.4 Electric Moped Exports by Source
    • 3.4.1. By Export Volume
    • 3.4.2. By Export Value

4. 2018-2022 China Electric Bicycle Export Analysis

  • 4.1. Export Volume of Electric Bicycle
  • 4.2. Export Value of Electric Bicycle
  • 4.3. Export Price of Electric Bicycle
  • 4.4 Export Sources of Electric Bicycles
    • 4.4.1. By Export Volume
    • 4.4.2. By Export Value

5. 2018-2022 China's Electric Two-wheeled Vehicle Major Export Destinations Analysis

  • 5.1 Export Analysis of Electric Two-wheelers from the United States
  • 5.2. Netherlands Electric Two-wheelers Export Analysis
  • 5.3. Canada's Electric Two-wheelers Export Analysis
  • 5.4 Germany Electric two-wheelers Export Analysis
  • 5.5. France's Electric Two-wheelers Export Analysis
  • 5.6. Other Electric Two-wheelers Export Analysis

6. China's Export Outlook for Electric Two-wheelers, 2023-2032

  • 6.1 Factors Affecting China's Electric Two-wheeled Vehicle Exports
    • 6.1.1 Favorable Factors
    • 6.1.2. Unfavorable Factors
  • 6.2. China's Electric Two-wheelers Export Forecast, 2023-2032
    • 6.2.1. Export Volume Forecast
    • 6.2.2. Major Export Destinations Forecast
    • 6.2.3. Major Export Types of Electric Two-wheelers Forecast
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