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The Mattress Market in China

Published by CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies Product code 219322
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The Mattress Market in China
Published: November 5, 2015 Content info: 94 Pages

CSIL Market Research ‘The mattress market in China’, now in its second edition, provides data about mattress market size, historical trends in mattress production, consumption, imports and exports and mattress market forecasts up to 2017. The study has been carried out involving direct interviews with sector firms and distributors operating on the Chinese market.

The Chinese mattress market is analyzed with a global overview (comparing the leading markets for mattress consumption) and with data on local major demand determinants (population, urbanization, investments in construction sectors and wealth). Chinese consumers' trends and preferences are also provided.

Mattress production is reported by segment (foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, mattresses in other materials) and localization (mattress production by region and province). Mattress imports and exports are broken down by country and geographical area of origin/destination.

The research is enriched by an in-depth analysis of the competitive system in terms of company dimension, manufacturing locations and product breakdown. Figures on production and estimates on market shares of the top mattress manufacturers operating in China are also available (total mattress production, production capacity and exports). Companies active in different segments (foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, mattresses in other materials) and price ranges (super premium, premium and mass markets) are identified.

Short company profiles of the top Chinese and foreign mattress manufactures operating in China are also included.

Data on the distribution system are also provided, with sales breakdown by distribution channels. Short profiles of the leading furniture chains and retailers are available.

Additional statistics on demographics features (per capita disposable income, households consumption and expenditure and projected population in most growing cities in 2020), construction sectors (residential and hospitality segments) and a focus on the luxury segment are reported.

About 140 addresses of key operators (both manufacturers and retailers) are included with company's addresses, website, email contact and product portfolio.


China is the world's first mattress market and it ranks first in the world also for its mattress production and exports. China's mattress production capacity increased very rapidly, due to the fast growth of the domestic market and the expansion of export flows.

China. Mattress production, export and consumption growth,
2006-2015. Index, 2006=100

The increasing local consumption is the main engine of growth for mattress production. Driven by improvement of living conditions of the Chinese population (e.g. increasing wages, disposable income and purchasing power) and the huge investments in construction, mainly in the residential and hospitality sectors, mattress consumption increased on average by more than 20% yearly, in the 2006-2015 periods

Selected companies mentioned:

Xilinmen Group (Sleemon), Huaweimei Furniture, Healthcare (Mlily), Sinomax Group, Fengyang, Hunan Goodnight, Home Furniture, Hubei Lianle, De Rucci, Man Wah (Enlanda).

Table of Contents
Product Code: S.64

Table of Contents


  • The mattress sector 2006-2015. Values in US$ million and in local currency


  • 1.1. Research Tool


  • 2.1. Consumption
    • Mattress consumption, 2006 -2015. US$ Million
    • World mattress consumption: breakdown by major markets, 2005 and 2014. %
    • Mattress per capita consumption growth, 2006-2015. US$ Million, Index (2006=100)
  • 2.2. Demand determinants
    • Total, urban and rural population, 2005-2014. Million of units
    • Population by region, 2014. Million
    • Investment in real estate development, 2012-2015. US$ billion and % changes
  • 2.3. Mattress consumption forecast
    • Real growth of consumption of mattresses. Forecast, 2016, 2017
    • Projected population in mega cities in 2020


  • Mattress production, 2006-2015. US$ Million
  • Mattress production growth for the top five producers, 2005-2014. Index (2005=100)
  • Mattress production, 2011-2014. Units
  • 3.1. The competitive system
    • Features of the Chinese mattresses competitive system and its trends
    • 3.1.1. Leading mattress manufacturers
      • A selection of leading Chinese mattress manufacturers. Million US$ and RMB, percentage value
      • A selection of leading Chinese mattress companies: production capacity, 2014. Units and percentage value
    • 3.1.2. Mattress production localization
      • Mattress manufacturers facilities in a sample of companies and production by region, 2014. US$ Million
      • Breakdown of mattress production by province, 2014. Percentage values
    • 3.1.2. Employment in the mattress industry
      • Employees and production in a sample of mattress manufacturers, 2014. Units and US$ million
    • 3.1.3. Degrees of specialization
      • A selection of leading Chinese mattress manufacturers: product specialization. Million US$, percentage value
    • 3.1.4. Short profile of leading manufacturers


  • 4.1. Exports
    • Mattress export, 2006-2015. US$ Million
    • Mattress export/production ratio, 2006-2015. Percentage values
    • Mattress exports, 6 major exporting countries, 2009-2014. US$ Million
    • Exports of mattress by country and by geographical area, 2009-2014. US$ Million and Percentage values
    • 4.1.2. Sales by main exporters
      • Main Chinese mattress exporters, 2014 . Million US$, and percentage value
  • 4.2. Imports
    • Mattress imports, 2006-2015. Million US$
    • Mattress import/consumption ratio, 2005-2015. Percentage values
    • Imports of mattresses by country and by geographical area, 2009-2014. US$ Million and Percentage values
    • Mattress imports, 6 major countries of origin, 2009-2014. US$ Million
    • 4.2.1. Sales of foreign companies in China
      • Selection of foreign mattresses brands in China


  • 5.1. Production breakdown by material
    • Breakdown of mattress production volumes by material, 2014. US$ million, units and percentage value
    • Mattress companies active in each segment, 2015
  • 5.2. An overview on foam and latex segments
  • 5.3. Chinese market features
    • 5.3.1. Leading local companies operating in China
      • Leading mattress companies' sales and market shares, 2014. Million US$ and RMB, percentage value
      • Mattress companies: owned and licensed brands
    • 5.3.2. Price segmentation
      • Mattress market breakdown by price ranges. US$ billion and %
      • Mattress. Brands' positioning by price range
      • Selected leading companies operating in the mass market, 2014
      • Selected leading companies operating in the premium market, 2014 (alphabetical order)
      • Selected leading companies operating in the super premium market, 2014
    • 5.3.3. Consumer preferences
      • Most common mattress size in different countries. Centimetres


  • 6.1. Distribution channels
    • Furniture sales breakdown by distribution channel in a sample of companies, 2014. Percentage values
  • 6.2. Short profile of the leading furniture chains operating in China
  • 6.3. Contract segment
    • Local mattress companies active in the contract segment, 2014
    • Some leading architects and interior design studios operating in China
    • 6.3.1. The hospitality sector
      • China and the United States. Number of hotels rooms and projections, 2000-2030. Millionof units
      • Future Hotel Room Stock
      • Hotel market by segment, forecasts 2012-2015-2022. US$ billion and % change



  • A1.1. Demographics features
  • A1.2. Construction sectors
  • A1.3. The mattress segment
  • A1.4. Wealth distribution: focus on the luxury segment


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