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The Mattress Market in China

Published by CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies Product code 219322
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The Mattress Market in China
Published: November 22, 2016 Content info: 118 Pages

This report provides a detailed overview of the mattress market in China, current size and forecasts up to 2018, enhanced by historical trends, international trade data, analysis of the production and the distribution systems and information on main players. The study has been carried out involving direct interviews with sector firms and distributors operating on the Chinese market.

In details, the Chinese mattress market is analyzed through a global view and through data on local major demand determinants (population, urbanization, investments in construction sectors and wealth). Consumers' trends and preferences are also indicated.

The study provides Chinese mattress production data, including historical series of mattress production in value and volume and a benchmark with major mattress producing countries in the world. The analysis of the supply side is carried out also at regional level, providing a breakdown of mattress production by region.

An in-depth analysis of the competitive system in terms of features and trends, company turnover, production capacity and number of employees, manufacturing locations and degrees of specialization; 30 updated company profile of leading mattress Chinese manufacturers are provided. Figures on mattress sales for the top mattress manufacturers operating in China are also available, as well as information on companies active in different segments and price ranges (super premium, premium and mass markets).

The report also includes a focus on mattresses type with breakdown by material (foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, mattresses in other materials), a selection of leading Chinese mattress companies active in each segment, an overview on foam and latex segments.

Mattress imports and exports are broken down by country and by geographical region of origin/destination. Major international mattress companies operating on the Chinese market are identified, providing their distribution strategies and updated company profiles.

Data on the distribution system are also provided, with sales breakdown by distribution channel. Short profiles of the leading furniture chains and retailers are available. Additional statistics on demographic features, the construction sector and a focus on the luxury segment are reported.

About 180 addresses of key operators among which manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, are included, with company's addresses, website, email contacts and product portfolio.



With a value of over USD 7 billion at production prices, the Chinese mattress market is the largest in the world. It showed an impressive performance in the last decade, growing on average by nearly 20% per year. Comparing the top 5 major mattress markets in the world, China experienced the highest increase of mattress consumption during the period 2006-2015.

Thanks to the improvement of the overall living conditions, Chinese consumers are expanding their willingness to invest in furniture expenditure, including mattresses, and, according to CSIL, mattress consumption will further increase in 2017 and 2018.

Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Abstract of Table of Contents


  • Introduction, Methodology and Research tools


  • 2.1 Mattress consumption
    • China. Mattress consumption: 2007-2016 data and per capita consumption growth
    • World. Mattress consumption: breakdown by major markets and growth for the top five markets
  • 2.2 Demand determinants
    • Population
    • Urbanization
    • Investments
  • 2.3 Mattress consumption forecast
    • Consumption of mattresses: real growth 2017 and 2018


  • China. Mattress production: 2007-2016 value and 2011-2016 units
  • World. Mattress production: growth of the top five producers, 2005-2015
  • 3.1 The competitive system
    • Features and trends
    • Mattress manufacturers: sales for a selection of Chinese leading players
    • Degrees of specialization: product specialization and production capacity for a selection of leading Chinese mattress companies
    • Production localization: facilities in a sample of companies and production by region
    • Breakdown of mattress production by region and by province in a sample of companies
    • Employment in the mattress industry: employees and production in a sample of mattress manufacturers
    • Company profiles of leading manufacturers


  • 4.1 Exports of mattresses
    • Data 2007-2016, export/production ratio, exports by country and by geographical area
    • Sales by main exporters
  • 4.2 Imports
    • Data 2007-2016,import/consumption ratio, imports by country and by geographical area
    • Sales of foreign companies in China
    • Selection of foreign brands present in China and short profile of international manufacturers operating in China


  • 5.1 Production breakdown by material: % values and volumes in 2015
    • A selection of leading Chinese mattress companies active in each segment
  • 5.2 Overview on foam and latex segments
    • A selection of leading Chinese foam producers


  • 6.1 Leading local companies operating in China
    • Leading mattress companies sales and market shares, 2015
  • 6.2 Price segmentation
    • Mattress market breakdown by price range and brands positioning by price range
    • Selected leading companies operating in the mass, the premium and the super premium markets
    • Consumer preferences


  • 7.1 Distribution channels: sales breakdown by distribution channel in a sample of companies, 2015
  • 7.2 Short profiles of leading furniture chains operating in China
  • 7.3 The contract segment
    • Local mattress manufacturers active in the contract segment and leading architects and interior design studios operating in China
    • The hospitality sector: number of hotels rooms and projections in China and the US, Future Hotel Room Stock, hotel market by segment



  • Demographics features
  • The construction sector
  • The mattress segment
  • Wealth distribution: focus on the luxury segment


Selected companies mentioned:

Xilinmen Group (Sleemon), Huaweimei Furniture, Healthcare (Mlily), Sinomax Group, Fengyang, Hunan Goodnight, Home Furniture, Hubei Lianle, De Rucci, Man Wah, EON Living, Jiaxing Yuan Chang Furniture (Mellkit), Shenyang Mengbao Furniture, Jason Furniture (KUKA)

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