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The World Market for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

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The World Market for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Published: September 30, 2012 Content info: 164 Pages


Summary: Highlights of this Report

CSIL report The world market for outdoor lighting fixtures offers a full analysis of the outdoor lighting fixtures market worldwide. This study provides outdoor lighting fixtures industry statistics (production and consumption), sales data and market shares of the top manufacturers.

For the following countries, data are updated at 2011 both for country data and market shares: 27 European countries, China, India, United States. For the following regions, country data are updated while company data are usually 2010: Japan, Turkey, Russia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, South Africa and Australia).

Outdoor lighting fixtures industry production is broken down by kind of product (residential, urban landscape, Christmas lighting, street lighting, area lighting) and by light source (LED, gas discharge, incandescence traditional, fluorescence, fiber optics).

The report contain a specific focus on outdoor LED based lighting segment with quantification of the LED business in the outdoor lighting, both globally and at country level.

Addresses of about 280 companies manufacturing outdoor lighting fixtures and mentioned in this research are also given.


The world market for outdoor lighting fixtures in 2011 can be estimated in about US$ 16.1 billion (Euro 11.6 billion), equal to 22.4% of the total lighting fixtures market. In US$, yearly growth has been equal to 7.8%.Outdoor lighting is growing faster than the sector average and this trend will continue at least till 2015.

Approximately 16% of worldwide consumption of outdoor lighting fixtures (2.55 out of 16.1 bn USD) is made by LED based products for the year 2011.The ten major countries, in order of outdoor lighting fixtures consumption, are China (by far also the main exporter), the United States, Japan, Germany, France (mostly with imported products), Canada, India (with a big growth), the United Kingdom and, approximately with the same market size, Spain, Brazil and South Korea.

Together, ten countries have an aggregated consumption of 71% in value of the world (60 countries) total consumption.

Main players include Philips Lighting, Acuity Brands, Schreder, GE Lighting, Iwasaki, Toshiba, Zumtobel. 50 players hold almost 50% of the worldwide outdoor lighting market.

Table of Contents
Product Code: W.19

Table of Contents

Table of Contents and selected companies mentioned

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Research tools

2. The world market

  • 2.1 Basic data
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. World Consumption, 2011: focus on 60 countries
  • 2.2 Activity trend
    • Consumption of outdoor lighting fixtures, trend 2010-2011 in the main Countries/Regions
    • Lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting fixtures. Market evolution 2011-2015
    • Consumption of lighting fixtures by segment, 2011 and forecasts 2012-2015
    • Sales of outdoor lighting fixtures, in a sample of key players worldwide, 2011
  • 2.3 Ratios
    • Consumption of outdoor lighting fixtures by country, 2011. Comparison with macro indicators.

3. Supply structure

  • 3.1 Product breakdown
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Worldwide production and consumption, breakdown by kind of product, 2010 and 2011
    • Outdoor lighting. Production breakdown in a sample of companies 2011 by country /region
  • 3.2 Light sources
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Production breakdown by kind of light source and geographical origin
    • Worldwide market. Consumption of LEDs by segment. 2005-2011 estimated data and 2012-2015 forecast. Million USD and percentage share
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Breakdown by light sources in a sample of 50 companies, last available year
  • 3.3 Employment and productivity
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Number of employees and turnover per employee in a sample of 50 key players, 2011
  • 3.4 Distribution channels
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Distribution channels by country/area
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures. Distribution channels in a sample of leading players worldwide

4. The competitive system worldwide

  • 4.1 Total sales
    • Sales of outdoor lighting fixtures worldwide and market shares of top 50 companies, 2011
  • 4.2 Sales by segment
    • Residential outdoor lighting, Urban landscape, Major Street lighting, Campus/area lighting. Sales and market shares of top 50 companies
  • #N/D
  • 5. The competitive system by country
  • Sales of Outdoor lighting fixtures and market shares in selected top companies for the following countries/area
    • China, United States, Japan, Europe, Northern Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands, France, The United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Central-Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia, India, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa (MENA),South Africa, Australia

Appendix: List of companies mentioned

Selected companies mentioned:

2D Collection, Acuity Brands, Alkan, Amira Svetotekhnika, Ardatovskiy Lighting Plant, ArhiMet (Apex), Arlight, Aygun, Bahar, Bajaj, Baskin, Bega , Blachere Illumination, Bright International, Burc, Buse, Cemdag, Cooper, Crompton, Disano , Elektromontaz, Eletech, Eye Lighting, Galad, GE Lighting, Gecem, Generation Brands, Geosun, Glamox, Glopsan, Grandlite, GS Yuasa, Gul Elektrik, Heper-Moonlight, Hess, Havells, Hi-Lite, Hinkley, Hubbell, iGuzzini, Inaba, Indal, Intra, Iwasaki, Kaga, K-Lite, Koito, Konstmide, Kingsun, Lighting Technologies, LED Roadway Lighting, Litpa, Linea Light, Maruwa, Neo-Neon, North Star, Northcliffe, NVC, Panasonic, Pemco, Performance in Lighting, Philips Lighting, Ragni, Repume Iluminacao, RZB, Saros, Schreder, Seiwa, Selux Semperlux, Shengqiu Lighting, Simes, Siteco, Stilas, Sun Valley, Svetlana Optoelectronics, Takasho, Targetti Poulsen, Tochka Opori, Toros, Toschiba, Traxon, Veksan, Vista Lighting, Unilumin, WE-EF, Winona Lighting, Yaming, Yamagiwa, Zumtobel, Zhongshen

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