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The Lighting Fixtures Market in the United States 2018

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The Lighting Fixtures Market in the United States 2018
Published: July 31, 2018 Content info: 207 Pages

The 12th edition of The Lighting Fixtures market in the United States offers a comprehensive picture of the lighting fixtures industry in the US, providing data and trends 2012-2017 and forecast up to 2021 . From one hand, the report analyzes the main trends affecting the market over the last five years, considering the production , the consumption , the imports and the exports of lighting fixtures in the country. On the other hand, it offers an analysis of the market structure and the competitive system , an overview of the distribution system and the main players operating in the market.

International Trade

Lighting fixtures exports and imports are considered, broken down by country and by geographical area of destination/origin. The time frame considered is 2012-2017.

Market Structure

The lighting fixtures market is divided into four main segments :

  • residential-consumer,
  • architectural-commercial,
  • industrial,
  • outdoor.

Within them, the market is further broken down by types of product, by light sources, and by the place of production. A financial analysis , on a sample of a selected number of companies operating in the market, includes profitability ratios and financial indicators.

Distribution Channels

The analysis of the distribution system is organized by the following channels:

  • Contract/Builders,
  • Lighting Specialists,
  • Lifestyle stores
  • DIY stores
  • E-commerce

A selection of architectural offices and lighting designers, electrical and lighting wholesalers, and furniture stores is also included.

Competitive System

Finally, the report offers an analysis of the leading local and foreign players present in the market and in each segment considered; through sales data, market shares and short profiles .

An address list of more than 130 US lighting fixtures manufacturer is included.

Among the considered products : indoor/outdoor lighting, decorative/residential lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, technical lighting, traditional/transitional/contemporary lighting, floor/table/wall/ceiling lamps, suspensions, downlights/recessed, tracks/systems, projectors/spotlights, hospitality, retail, office lighting, entertainment lighting, lighting for museums, lighting for industrial plants, explosion-proof lighting, marine lighting, healthcare lighting, emergency lighting, residential outdoor lighting, lighting for urban landscape, Christmas lighting, street lighting, sporting facilities and galleries, incandescence, fluorescence, gas discharge, LED, lighting controls and IoT applications.


USA. Consumption of lighting fixture, 2015-2017 estimated data and 2018-2021 forecasts


In 2017, the US production of lighting fixtures is estimated by CSIL to be worth USD 13.4 billion. In 2014, it overcame the pre-crisis level and in 2015 and 2016 it continued a positive trend, mainly driven by the professional segment. During 2017, its growth softened to a level of 2.1%, as the production of residential luminaires dropped by almost 20% while the professional segment kept on hiking at sustained rates.

This trend can be explained as a phenomenon of import substitution. Cheap consumer luminaires, mainly from China and Mexico, have been progressively substituting the local production, which now satisfies only 17% of the demand of residential lighting fixtures. On the other hand, local manufacturers have been more and more focus on the professional segment that, in 2017, represented almost 88% of the value of the US production of lighting fixtures.

Between 2012 and 2017, consumption of lighting fixtures in the United States has grown at a yearly average rate of 4.6%. After years of outstanding growth, in 2016 the lighting fixture market started decelerating and in 2017 it registered a contraction of 0.9%. This slowdown can be explained by several factors. First, the pricing environment has become challenging, as pricing headwinds have eroded companies' margins. Then, international trade registered a contraction, as both imports and exports have declined. This is particularly true for the technical lighting business that over the last three years has reduced its degree of openness.

Such a weakness in internal demand is expected to continue in 2018 and 2019; for both years CSIL estimates a contraction of 1.2%.

Table of Contents
Product Code: S.15

Table of Contents

1 Basic data

The United States and the lighting fixtures market worldwide :

USA. Production, international trade and consumption of lighting fixtures by segment, 2017; World production and consumption of lighting fixtures: High-Income countries and Middle and Low-Income countries; World imports and exports of lighting fixtures: six major importers and exporters, 2017.

2 Activity trend

USA. Production, international trade, and consumption of lighting fixtures, 2012-2017 ; USA. Consumption of lighting fixtures, 2015-2017 estimated data and 2018-2021 forecasts;

Production, international trade and consumption of lighting fixtures by segment, 2012-20187

3 International trade

USA. Exports and Imports of lighting fixtures by country and by geographical area of destination/origin and by product, 2012-2017; Breakdown of lighting fixture exports by country of the major US companies

4 Market structure

Analysis of the lighting fixtures market by segment : residential/consumer lighting, architectural/commercial lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting.

  • Residential lighting segment by style (traditional, transitional, contemporary) and by the positioning of the lamp (floor, table, wall and ceiling, chandeliers/suspensions)
  • Commercial lighting segment by product (downlights/recessed, tubes/tracks/systems, floor/table and chandeliers/suspensions for commercial spaces, LED panels, linear lighting and strips, projectors/spotlights) and by destination (hospitality, office, retail, art and museums, entertainment, schools and infrastructures)
  • Industrial lighting segment by product/destination (industrial sites, healthcare, emergency, hazardous conditions, marine)
  • Outdoor lighting segment by product (residential outdoor, urban landscape, Christmas and special events, lighting for streets and major roads, tunnels and galleries, sport plants and other large areas)
  • LED lighting versus traditional sources : Analysis of the lighting fixtures market by light source (incandescence, fluorescence, LED, gas discharge/metal halide) and a special focus on LED-based lighting fixtures sales on the US market of the top 50 companies.
  • Lighting controls : an overview of the incidence of lighting controls and related IoT device on the lighting fixtures market and main players in the United States
  • Employment : Number of employees and average turnover per employee in a sample of companies.
  • Manufacturing in USA/Outsourcing : Breakdown of lighting fixtures production by geographical area.
  • Financial data : financial analysis of a sample of US manufacturing lighting companies by presenting financial data and ratios for the period 2013-2017.

5 Distribution

  • Lighting fixtures sales on the US market by distribution channel, by segment: Residential and Technical.
  • .Distribution channels considered.: contract/projects, builders, specialist lighting stores, lifestyle retailers (furniture & antique shops, furniture chains, department stores), electrical wholesalers, DIY stores - Home centres, e-commerce.
  • Selection of US electrical wholesalers and retailers selling also lighting fixtures; Major Design Centers; Architectural offices: Top players; Lighting designers: top players; Top 50 Hospitality Design Firms; Top 10 Retail Design Firms; Top 100 U.S. Furniture Stores; Leading e-commerce websites also selling lighting fixtures.
  • .Sales by geographical area.: consumption of lighting fixtures by US Region and State
  • .Reference prices.: USA. Lighting fixtures and LED lamps. Reference prices by product category, 2018
  • Magazines; Fairs; Trade Associations

6 Competitive system

Lighting fixtures sales in the United States, market shares and short profiles of the major local and foreign companies by segment (residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor) and by style, main product and application: traditional, transitional, contemporary style; hospitality, office, retail, art and museums, entertainment, schools and infrastructures; industrial sites, healthcare, emergency, hazardous conditions, marine; residential outdoor, urban landscape, Christmas and special events, lighting for streets and major roads, tunnels and galleries, sports plants and other large areas.

7 Demand drivers

Economic indicators; Population and income; Building activity.

List of mentioned lighting companies

Selected Companies

Acuity Brands, Altman, AFX, Amerlux, Artemide, Atlantic, Barron, Cree, Con-tech, Eaton's Lighting Division (former Cooper Lighting), Current by GE, Edge Lighting, Edison Price Lighting, Eglo, Elco Lighting, Erco, Eye Lighting, Finelite, Flos, Generation Brands, Hera USA, Hi-Lite, Hinkley, Home Depot, Hubbardton Forge, Hubbell, Ikea, Intense, Jesco, Juno, Kingsun, Led Roadway Lighting, Ledvance, Lithonia, Littman Brands, Lighting Science Group, LSI Industries, Louis Poulsen, Lowe's, Lucifer, Lumenpulse, Lumitec, Macy's, Maxim Lighting, Maxlite, Minka, MLS, Musco, Neri, Nordeon, Noribachi, Osram, Pathway, Philips Lighting, Prudential, Quoizel, Satco, Seagull, Schréder, Selux, Sonepar, Sonneman, Soraa, Spectrum Lighting, SPI Lighting, Stack, Sternberg Lighting, Usai, Visa Lighting, Visionaire Lighting, WAC Lighting, Westinghouse, Xal, Zumtobel

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