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Incyte Company Analysis

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Incyte Company Analysis
Published: January 4, 2018 Content info: 67 Pages

Updated analysis and forecasts based on Q3 2017 company-reported sales.

PharmaVitae explores Incyte's prescription pharmaceutical performance and outlook, encompassing corporate strategy, marketed portfolio, pipeline potential, and financial performance over 2016-26.


  • Overview - Jakafi sales continue to soar, as Incyte focuses on potential first-in-class immuno-oncology blockbuster epacadostat.
  • 2021 outlook - Incyte's product sales will add $1.3bn out to 2021 as Jakafi continues its uptake into hematological cancers.
  • 2026 outlook - The launches of epacadostat and itacitinib will drive product revenues to grow by $2.6bn by 2026.
  • Events - Fast track designation granted to epacadostat with Keytruda for first-line treatment of advanced melanoma; positive Phase I/II results of epacadostat in combination with Keytruda in advanced melanoma.


  • Incyte expected to maintain strong sales growth out to 2026.
  • Jakafi remains key to driving Incyte's sales growth.
  • Epacadostat will reach close to blockbuster sales in combination with Keytruda for unresectable or metastatic melanoma.
  • Itacitinib has an opportunity to improve outcomes in aGvHD.
  • Royalties and collaborative revenues will substantially bolster Incyte's revenues.

Model updates:

  • Epacadostat adjusted.
  • Jakafi adjusted.
  • Itacitinib adjusted.
Table of Contents
Product Code: DMKC0186760



  • Q3 2017
  • Potential second wave of transformational growth from IDO1 clinical development
  • Partnering for long-term growth in combination immunotherapy


  • Incyte's prescription pharma sales outlook
  • Background
  • Incyte's growth drivers and resistors
  • Strategic overview
  • Corporate relationships
  • Incyte's SWOT analysis
  • Incyte's key catalysts
  • Incyte's M&A history
  • Bibliography


  • PharmaVitae outlook
  • Drug overview
  • Development overview
  • PharmaVitae analysis
  • Iclusig's SWOT analysis
  • Bibliography


  • PharmaVitae outlook
  • Drug overview
  • Development overview
  • PharmaVitae analysis
  • Jakafi's SWOT analysis
  • Bibliography


  • PharmaVitae outlook
  • Drug overview
  • Development overview
  • PharmaVitae analysis
  • Epacadostat's SWOT analysis
  • Bibliography


  • PharmaVitae outlook
  • Drug overview
  • Development overview
  • PharmaVitae analysis
  • Itacitinib's SWOT analysis
  • Bibliography


  • Figure 1: Incyte's prescription pharmaceutical sales ($m) and growth rate (%), 2013-26


  • Table 1: Incyte's key products, 2016-26
  • Table 2: Incyte's key merger and acquisition deals, 1998-2017
  • Table 3: Iclusig forecast sales, by region ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 4: Iclusig drug profile
  • Table 5: Iclusig trial in refractory CML and Ph+ ALL
  • Table 6: Iclusig pivotal trials in chronic-phase CML
  • Table 7: Iclusig ongoing late-phase clinical trials in CML
  • Table 8: Jakafi forecast sales, by region ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 9: Jakafi drug profile
  • Table 10: Pivotal clinical trial data for Jakafi in myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera
  • Table 11: Epacadostat forecast sales, by region ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 12: Epacadostat drug profile
  • Table 13: Epacadostat Phase III trial in metastatic melanoma
  • Table 14: Epacadostat Phase I/II ECHO-202 and ECHO-204 trial data presented at ASCO 2017
  • Table 15: Itacitinib forecast sales, by region ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 16: Itacitinib drug profile
  • Table 17: Itacitinib pivotal Phase III trial in aGvHD
  • Table 18: Early-phase trial data for itacitinib in aGvHD
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