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Trends in KOL Experience Management

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Trends in KOL Experience Management
Published: April 16, 2019
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
  • Description

How well does your MSL KOL engagement activity compare to competitors?

  • What tools are being used today to measure engagement with KOLs?
  • How often are KOLs surveyed regarding satisfaction levels?
  • Which metrics are used to gauge KOL opinion?
  • How frequently is KOL engagement monitored for face-to-face interactions, email, social media, mobile messaging applications, phone calls and teleconferences?
  • How often do teams map engagement metrics to a KOL's individual experience journey?

It's vital to regularly monitor your MSLs to establish whether they are engaging with KOLs often enough and in the most effective manner. But what is the most popular balance of quantitative and qualitative KOL engagement metrics, and which specific tools are being applied? Are MSLs generally satisfied with their current measurement strategies or do they believe there is room for improvement?

KOL Experience Management (2019) is based on survey responses from 100 experienced MSLs. This report enables you to benchmark your KOL engagement measures and see how your activities compare with those of other medical teams in the US and Western Europe.

Key questions answered

  • Coverage: How does MSL team size and coverage differ in the US versus Western Europe?
  • Frequency: How often are KOL satisfaction surveys being conducted?
  • Tools: Which measures are being used to monitor KOL engagement levels with specific activities such as face-to-face meetings, calls, emails and social media?
  • Context: Are MSLs mapping engagement metrics with each KOL journey weekly, monthly, annually, or not at all?
  • Type: How frequently are quantitative and qualitative metrics measured?
  • Success: How satisfied are MSLs with current practice?

Learn from MSLs in leading companies

A unique view from 100 experienced MSLs

This report reveals survey results from 100 US-/Western Europe-based staff (50 US; 50 WE) at top 100 pharmaceutical companies in roles such as Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs); MSL managers, directors or team leads; medical team members with responsibilities for customer (KOL) experience management, and managers who manage MSLs directly or indirectly

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