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Trends in Digital Pharma Marketing 2020

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Trends in Digital Pharma Marketing 2020
Published: July 28, 2020
Delivery time: 1-2 business days
  • Description

How has COVID-19 impacted pharma digital marketing activity-now and for the future?

The effects of coronavirus on pharma marketing budgets, priorities and actions cannot be ignored. During the pandemic, pharma marketers have been quick to respond, accelerating the shift to digital channels, adapting marketing strategies, and adjusting spending accordingly. What degree of change has already occurred? What challenges remain? And what does the future of pharma digital marketing in the US and Western Europe look like now?

‘Trends in Digital Pharma Marketing (2020) ’ offers an up-to-the-minute view of how pharma digital marketers have responded to the COVID-19 challenge, as well as insight into how digital marketing priorities and expenditure are expected to evolve over the next 5 years.

Key questions answered by digital marketeers:

  • What proportion of the marketing budget is allocated to digital marketing campaigns in 2020?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted marketing expenditure and effectiveness?
  • Personal versus non-personal-what is the budget split across digital channels?
  • How are digital marketing budgets allocated to individual stakeholder groups?
  • What level of digital marketing and data management expertise is present currently?
  • What are the key challenges to effectively executing digital marketing plans?
  • How is personalized marketing expected to change in the future?
  • How are budget allocations across stakeholders and channels expected to change over the next five years?

About the Survey

  • Field dates: 18 May - 4 June 2020
  • Methodology : Online survey
  • Sample distribution: A total of 60 digital marketers (30 US-based; 30 in Western Europe)
  • Screening criteria: All respondents are confirmed as having digital marketing responsibilities at a top 100 pharma company

How to use this report

  • Build more detailed understanding of pharma digital marketing expenditure
  • Align your digital marketing spend to current trends
  • Understand the level of support for personal and non-personal channels and focus on individual stakeholder groups
  • Plan ahead for digital marketing expenditure, capabilities and strategies for the next 5 years

Why buy now?

The shift in market dynamics prompted by the arrival of coronavirus created an opportunity to accelerate plans for digital marketing. Many pharma digital marketers have risen to the challenge and adjusted their activities and budgets accordingly. This report shows the level of change that has already occurred and reveals how digital marketers in the US and Europe expect future activity to be impacted.

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