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PUBLISHER: FirstWord Group | PRODUCT CODE: 959913

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PUBLISHER: FirstWord Group | PRODUCT CODE: 959913

Trends in KOL Experience Management 2020

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Is your MSL team delivering an outstanding KOL experience? KOL support and insights are critical to pharma, and MSLs are charged with delivering a service that keeps them fully informed and engaged. But how do you quantify success? As the sector evolves, simple quantitative measurements of activity are not enough. The trend now is towards qualitative measurements and the operational employment of KOL inputs.

This powerful benchmark survey explores how MSL teams are managing KOLs experience and the current and emerging techniques for assessing success. In ‘Trends in KOL Experience Management 2020 ’ we surveyed 60 US and European senior MSLs or MSL team leaders and published their valuable insights into the approaches that are-and are not-working and how they see practice developing over the next 5 years.

MSL professionals tackle key questions:

  • Which quantitative or qualitative metrics do MSLs find most useful for informing their approach to KOL engagement?
  • Average handling time? First contact resolution? Net Promoter Score? Which metrics for measuring KOL perceptions of MSL interactions are used and how frequently?
  • How often do MSL teams monitor metrics to measure KOL engagement via face-to-face interactions, email-based interactions, social media or mobile messaging applications?
  • Direct KOL feedback or mentions of your company? KOLs referencing your brand or product? Which are the important metrics related to social listening?
  • Which qualitative metrics do MSL professionals agree will be important for measuring KOL engagement/experience in 5 years?

About the survey

  • Field Dates: 29 July - 10 August 2020
  • Interview Methodology: Data collected via internet-based questionnaire.
  • Screening Criteria: Respondents were screened to ensure that they were senior MSLs or MSL team leaders employed in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Sample Distribution: A total of 60 MSLs or MSL managers (30 US-based; 30 Western Europe-based

Why choose ChartViews?

FirstWord's highly-valuable ChartViews survey reports unlock critical peer insights and:

  • Provide a unique perspective on key operational issues of importance to pharma;
  • Are based on quantitative primary research to reflect the widest range of opinion; and
  • Reflect only the views of screened respondents who are qualified to participate in the research.
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