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2015 China IC design market forecast

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2015 China IC design market forecast
Published: January 23, 2015 Content info: 30 Pages

Global economic growth is forecast to reach 3.8% in 2015, up from 3.3% in 2014. From the perspective of the electronics industry though, PC shipments will continue to decline, smartphone shipment growth will drop, and tablet shipments may decline. Despite the gloomy outlook, Digitimes Research forecasts that China's IC industry output will reach CNY340.4 billion, up 15% annually. While the growth rate will be down from the 18% seen in 2014, it still represents a far better growth rate than the 3.6% annual growth rate of the global IC industry.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Mainland China IC industry developments
    • Chart 1: China IC industry production value, 2009-2015 (CNYb)
  • Developments in China's IC design industry
    • Chart 2: China IC design industry production value, 2009-2015 (CNYb)
    • IC demand in the local China market
    • Chart 3: China IC market demand, 2009-2015 (CNYb)
    • Design houses
    • Table 1: Top-10 China IC design houses, 2010-2013 (CNYb)
  • Stages of China IC design industry development
    • Table 2: China IC design industry growth factors, 2000-2013

China IC design development models

  • Government policies to support local IC industry
    • Chart 4: China government support for IC industry during latter period of 12th FYP
    • Tax subsidies
    • Acquisition of company shares or direct financial assistance
    • Government procurement
    • Major national science and technology projects
    • Establishment of industry investment funds
    • Chart 5: Beijing IC industry investment fund financing SMIC's second phase of construction for 12-inch fab
    • Chart 6: China government sets up CNY120 billion IC industry investment fund
    • Chart 7: Impact of IC industry investment fund set up by China Central Government
    • Summary
  • Important events during 12th Five-Year Plan
    • Event classification
    • Chart 8: Major events in China IC industry, 2013-2014
    • Chart 9: China semiconductor industry events, 2013-2014
    • Policy intervention
    • Chart 10: China antitrust policy pushes cooperation between Qualcomm and SMIC
    • Overseas acquisitions
    • Chart 11: China strengthens technologies and completes the supply chain via global acquisitions
    • Joint ventures
    • Chart 12: Establishing joint ventures becomes development direction of China semiconductor industry
    • Chart 13: Cross-strait partnership, UMC and Xiamen municipal government jointly establish 12-inch fab
    • Supply chain collaboration
    • Chart 14: Supply chain collaboration becomes a major development direction of China semiconductor industry
    • Chart 15: Intel investments in Tsinghua Unigroup creates a triple-win situation

Growth forecast for 13th FYP

  • Policy goals
    • Chart 16: China targets for IC industry during 13th FYP
    • Chart 17: China IC businesses improving technology capability
  • China to build large-scale IDM through overseas acquisitions
    • Chart 18: Establishing world-class IDMs may be China policy goal under the 13th FYP
    • Chart 19: IC industry segment likely to receive government support during 13th FYP
    • Chart 20: Potential targets China may acquire and make equity investments during 13th FPY
  • 13th FYP - changes in IC industry growth patterns
    • Three major developments driving continuous growth of China IC industry
    • Chart 21: China IC industry developments during 13th FYP period
    • Changes in China IC industry growth patterns and 13th FYP predictions
    • Chart 22: Changes in China IC industry growth pattern and predictions during 13th FYP period
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