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Intel strategies in the mobile device market

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Intel strategies in the mobile device market
Published: July 8, 2015 Content info: 29 Pages

Since 2014 Intel has successfully penetrated into the mobile device market quickly by providing partners various subsidies and establishing a supply chain in China, helping it to achieve a shipment record of 46 million mobile application processors (APs) in the year. At the same time, the CPU giant also generated an enormous loss of US$4.2 billion from the business, causing its Mobile and Communications Group (MCG) to have been merged by the PC Client Group (PCCG) and the company has turned conservative about its mobile market strategy for 2015.

However, demand for 2-in-1s and the launch of Windows 10 are still expected to bring business opportunities to Intel in 2015. Intel's China Tech Ecosystem (CTE) supply chain is gradually growing mature and the Atom X3 (SoFIA) processors, which Intel has jointly developed with a China AP supplier, has also started finding opportunities in the market despite the overall environment still remaining competitive.

This Digitimes Research Special Report details Intel's mobile AP strategies, status, advantages, partnerships and operating system support for different smart mobile device markets. It analyzes the CPU giant's operation progress in different industries in 2014 and forecasts Intel's development and direction for 2015 and beyond.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Intel mobile market: Definition and scope

  • Table 1: Mobile device definitions and coverage for this report
  • Chart 1: Report coverage of 2-in-1 devices

Key points of Intel's mobile market strategy

  • Table 2: Key Intel mobile market strategy areas, 2014
  • Table 3: Key Intel mobile market strategy areas, 2015 (part 1)
  • Table 4: Key Intel mobile market strategy areas, 2015, (part 2)

Intel mobile device shipment forecast, 2013-2016

  • Chart 2: Intel mobile AP shipments forecast, 2012-2016 (m units)
  • Chart 3: Intel mobile AP shipment share by vendor segment, 2014-2015
  • Chart 4: Intel mobile AP shipment share by OS, 2014-2015
  • Chart 5: Intel mobile AP shipment share by mobile device type, 2014-2015
  • Chart 6: Intel mobile AP shipment share by product lines, 2014-2015
  • Chart 7: Intel mobile AP shipment share by end device size, 2014-2015

Intel on Android tablets

Intel strategies of subsidies and CTE in 2014

  • Chart 8: Intel major strategies for branded tablet market, 2014
  • Chart 9: Intel major strategies for white box tablet market, 2014
  • Chart 10: Key factors influencing white-box player adoption
  • Chart 11: Intel Atom product lines' prices and shipment schedule, 2015

Intel on Windows tablets

Detachable and Surface Pro 3 drive shipments in 2014

  • Inexpensive 10-inch Windows tablets selling the best
  • Chart 12: Intel Atom-based detachable Windows tablet shipments, 1Q14-4Q14
  • Sub-9-inch Windows tablets benefit from free Windows licensing and CTE support
  • Chart 13: Surface Pro 3 specification and price change, 2012-2014
  • Surface Pro 3: Key to Microsoft entry into larger screen 2-in-1 tablet market
  • Chart 14: Intel Atom-based small-sized Windows tablet shipments, 1Q14-4Q14 (m units)

For tablets, Windows to replace Android

  • Chart 15: Intel focus shifting from Android to Windows tablet in 2015
  • Branded, Surface 3 and white-box models each find a niche in the market
  • Table 5: Comparison of inexpensive notebooks and 2-1/tablet Windows licensing fees
  • Chart 16: Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 product comparison
  • Large-size Surface Pro models to account for largest share of shipments in 2015.
  • Chart 17: Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3comparison
  • Chart 18: Microsoft Surface product lineup 2012-2015
  • Sub-9-inch Windows tablets will see limited growth in 2015
  • Chart 19: Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface shipments, 1Q15-4Q15 (m units)

Intel on Android smartphones

Intel relies on Asus to prop up product line in 2014

  • Chart 20: Intel ZenFone quarterly shipments (m units)

Intel turns to white-box players in 2015

  • Chart 21: Intel-based ZenFone quarterly shipment forecast for 2015 (m units)
  • Chart 22: Intel white-box tablet and smartphone partners in 2015

Intel in other mobile markets

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