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Global Calcium Propionate Market 2019-2026

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Global Calcium Propionate Market 2019-2026
Published: December 1, 2019
DataM Intelligence
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The Global Calcium Propionate Market was valued at USD xx million in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD xx million by 2025, with a CAGR of xx% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2025.

Calcium propionate is known as calcium salt of propanoic acid. The compound is stable at room temperature. It is hygroscopic and incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Calcium propionate is one of the most commonly used chemical preservatives to prevent mold spoilage. It inhibits a broad spectrum of mold and rope bacteria while increasing the shelf life of food products. It is a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA) approved food preservative.

Market Dynamics:

Calcium propionate is widely used in the food industry due to its effectiveness as mold and fungus inhibitor and affordability. It has a broad antibacterial activity to mold bacteria and yeast bacteria, inhibiting the propagation of microorganisms, preventing feed molding, which can be used as a fungicide on food and feed and a preservative for bread and pastries. It's a preferred antimicrobial because unlike cultured wheat and cultured whey, and it does not contain the top 8 allergens in the US. Calcium propionate is Halal and Kosher certified which expands the application range. This benefits of Calcium propionate over other alternative preservatives drive the demand for Calcium propionate market.

In developing countries, consumption of baked goods is expected to increase rapidly due to lifestyle changes fuelled by economic development which would increases the demand for preservative ingredients like calcium propionate.

Calcium propionate is not a clean label ingredient. The launch of clean label preservatives & mold inhibitors is a major threat for Calcium propionate market. In October 2018, McDonald's removed calcium propionate from its buns since it is an artificial preservative. These trends could hamper the growth of the calcium propionate market.

Segment Analysis:

Calcium propionate market is segmented by form and application. By form, Calcium propionate market is segmented into Crystal, powder, and liquid. Most of the market is dominated by the powder form of Calcium propionate. Crystal and liquid form are rare. Crystal form, calcium propionate has larger granules than in powder form. Liquid Calcium propionate provides better dispersion that provides a more consistent finished product.

By application, Calcium propionate market is segmented into Food, Feed, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Other. Calcium propionate is predominantly used in the food industry. Food segment is further divided into Bakery Products, Dairy & Frozen Desserts, and Meat, Fish & Seafood. Calcium propionate is mostly used as preservative in food products such as in bread, other baked goods, processed meat, whey, and other dairy products. Sometimes it is used as nutritional supplement since it increases the level of calcium in foods. Calcium Propionate is used in animal feed, poultry feed, such as in dog food, cattle food, horse food. In Pharmaceutical, it can be used as an anti-microbial agent. In cosmetics, it prevents or retards bacterial growth and thus protect cosmetic products from spoilage. Calcium Propionate is also used to control the pH of cosmetics and personal care products. Among other uses, Calcium propionate can be used as a pesticide.

Geographical Analysis:

By region, Global Calcium Propionate Market is segmented into North America, South America, Asia-pacific, Europe, and Rest of the world. Asia-pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market due to the fast-growing food industry in China and India. A huge increase in the consumption of bakery and meat products in developing Asian countries will fuel demand for calcium propionate. In North America and Europe, the rise of clean label movement and fast food companies avoiding the use of artificial preservatives will impact the market. Despite these factors, large consumption of bakery products, processed meat in developed countries will continue to drive the demand for Calcium Propionate.

Key Players:

Global Calcium Propionate Market is very competitive consisting of a large number of domestic manufacturers. Some of the notable players in the Calcium Propionate Market are ADDCON, Impextraco, Macco Organiques, Kemin Industries, Niacet, Titan Bio-tech, Perstorp AB, Redox Pty Ltd, Pestell Minerals & Ingredients Inc., Bell Chem, Newseed Chemical Co., Limited, Watson, Inc., and AB Mauri Food Inc.

In August 2017, Bio-Vet Inc. has released a new formulation of QuadriCal calcium boluses which included calcium propionate.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Global Calcium Propionate Market - Methodology and Scope

  • 1.1. Research Methodology
  • 1.2. The scope of the Report

2. Global Calcium Propionate Market - Trends

  • 2.1. Key Trends & Developments

3. Global Calcium Propionate Market - Industry Analysis

  • 3.1. Industry Impact Factors (Drivers & Restraints)
  • 3.2. Competitive Intensity- Porter 5 Forces
  • 3.3. Regulatory Analysis

4. Global Calcium Propionate Market - By Form

  • 4.1. Crystal
  • 4.2. Powder
  • 4.3. Liquid

5. Global Calcium Propionate Market - By Application

  • 5.1. Food
    • 5.1.1. Bakery Products
    • 5.1.2. Dairy & Frozen Desserts
    • 5.1.3. Meat, Fish & Seafood
  • 5.2. Feed
  • 5.3. Pharmaceutical
  • 5.4. Cosmetics
  • 5.5. Other

6. Global Calcium Propionate Market - By Geography

  • 6.1. North America
    • 6.1.1. The United States
    • 6.1.2. Canada
    • 6.1.3. Mexico
  • 6.2. South America
    • 6.2.1. Brazil
    • 6.2.2. Argentina
    • 6.2.3. Rest of South America
  • 6.3. Europe
    • 6.3.1. Germany
    • 6.3.2. United Kingdom
    • 6.3.3. France
    • 6.3.4. Rest of Europe
  • 6.4. Asia-Pacific
    • 6.4.1. China
    • 6.4.2. Japan
    • 6.4.3. South Korea
    • 6.4.4. India
    • 6.4.5. Australia
    • 6.4.6. Rest of Asia-Pacific
  • 6.5. Rest of the World

7. Global Calcium Propionate Market - Competitive Landscape

  • 7.1. Market Share/Rank Analysis
  • 7.2. Key Strategies adopted by Manufacturers
  • 7.3. Product Benchmarking

8. Global Calcium Propionate Market - Company Profiles

  • 8.1. ADDCON
  • 8.2. Impextraco
  • 8.3. Macco Organiques
  • 8.4. Kemin Industries
  • 8.5. Niacet
  • 8.6. Titan Bio-tech
  • 8.7. Perstorp AB
  • 8.8. Redox Pty Ltd
  • 8.9. Pestell Minerals & Ingredients Inc.
  • 8.10. Bell Chem
  • 8.11. Newseed Chemical Co., Limited
  • 8.12. Watson, Inc.
  • 8.13. AB Mauri Food Inc.

Note: Additional company profiles will be included on client request.

9. Global Calcium Propionate Market - Appendix