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Global Needles Market - 2019-2026

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Global Needles Market - 2019-2026
Published: May 1, 2019 Content info: 130-180 Pages

Global Needles Market

The global needles market is expected to grow at a CAGR of XX% to reach a market value of USD XX million by 2026.

A needle is a small, very thin piece of polished metal which is used for injecting medicine or for drawing blood, etc. The needle has a long shaft, a tip called bevel and a hub that fits in a syringe. Different types of needles are used in medical practices depending on the applications and a wide range of surgeries depending on the requirement of a clinician.

Global Needles Market - Market Dynamics

Increase in adoption of intravenous fluids over oral drug administration, rising demand for injectable drugs, increasing blood donations, and high prevalence of chronic diseases are expected to drive the market growth of global needles market.

To promote the IV type, administration reimbursement policies are being supported. For instance, the U.S. Medicare covers up to 80% of the expenses of parenteral and enteral nutrition, including physician services, medical equipment, and other related medical services.

Many countries came up with regulations related to safe injection practices to decrease the chances of contamination that could lead to blood-borne diseases.

According to WHO, in 2018, out of 36.7 million people with HIV on a global scale, about 2.3 million people are estimated to have serological evidence of HCV Infection in the past or present. Conversely, among all HIV-infected persons, the prevalence of anti-HCV was 6.2%.

However, the rising injection related injuries, demand for the use of needle-free technology are expected to restrain the market growth of needles. The growing demand for self-injectables and the use of safety needles can provide more opportunities for the market growth of the needles industry.

Global Needles Market Segment Analysis

The pen needles are expected to have the highest market share in the needles market owing to the rising number of diabetic patients on a global scale.

For instance, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in 2017, there are around 425 million people worldwide who are affected by diabetes. Diabetic patients are administered with insulin thereby increasing demand for pen needles. According to the IDF report 2017, the U.S. invested 377 USD billions in treatment of diabetes which is 52% of global diabetes expenditure.

Safety needle is estimated to have the fastest growth during the forecast period owing to the reduced risk of needle stick injuries which can result in the transmission of blood borne diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis. The safety needle technology is more favorable compared to conventional needles in terms of design, operation time and accuracy.

For instance, NMT safety syringe has an automatic retraction which directly injects medicine when the user presses the plunger. After the automatic retraction, a barrel is used to store the needle which greatly reducing needle stick injuries.

Hospitals and diagnostic centers are the major end users in the needles industry than others such as clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes, etc. Hospital segment is expected to account for the largest share in the market based on End-users primarily owing to the higher number of patients undergoing treatments in hospitals compared to other places and increasing health care institutions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2017, the number of visits to physician offices is 1120.6 million, to hospital outpatient departments is 142.7 million and hospital emergency department are 154.8 million.

Global Needles Market Geographical Analysis

Europe holds the largest share in needles market globally owing to the expanding patient size in hospitals.

For instance, According to the European Commission, related to the population size, discharge number in 2015 for patients were in the range 10,200 to 20,7ooo per 100,000 inhabitants in most of the EU member states, indicating high patient base, which would lead to the increased requirement of needles in the region, over the forecast period

The Asia Pacific is expected to show the highest growth in the coming years owing to the increasing awareness of blood donation. Japan, China, and India are the major contributors to the growth of the Asia Pacific regional market.

According to WHO, in 2017 the total number of blood donations was 162.4 million, out of which 74.6 million of blood donations are noted in Asia Pacific region that accounts for almost 45.9 % of the global blood donations, where in the need to needles are pretty evident, thus boosting the Asia Pacific Needles market.

Global Needles Market- Competitive Analysis

Key players are adopting strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and regional expansion to stand out as strong competitors in the market. New product launches along with an increased focus on R&D are other ways the leading players improve their market presence. The major key players are Becton, Dickson and company (BD), Ethicon, Medtronic Plc, B.Braun, Stryker Corporation, Novo Nordisk A/s, Boston Scientific, Smith Medical, and Nipro Medical Corporation.

On 24th January 2019, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) received FDA approval for its second generation BD Nano pen needle, designed for more reliable subcutaneous injection depth.

On 21st February 2018, Medtronic Plc., a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions introduced the MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set into the market. The MiniMed Mio Advance infusion set is the newest addition to the MiniMed portfolio of infusion sets giving patients a simpler, faster and convenient set change with fewer steps and it reduces the hassle of dealing with needles.

On 18th April 2017, Cardinal Health entered an agreement to acquire Medtronic's medical supplies business for 6.1 USD billion. These supplies portfolio includes prefilled syringes, needles, bandages, and catheters, featuring brands such as Curity, Kendall, Dover, Argyle, and Kangaroo.

Why Purchase the Report?

  • Visualize the composition of the global needles market across each indication, in terms of product, certain product types and end users highlighting the key commercial assets and players.
  • Identify commercial opportunities in global needles market by analyzing trends and co-development deals.
  • Excel data sheet with thousands of data points of the global needles market - level 4/5 segmentation.
  • PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study.
  • Product mapping in excel for the key products of all major market players

Target Audience:

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  • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Global Needles Market Methodology and Scope

  • 1.1. Research methodology
  • 1.2. Research Objective and Scope of the Report

2. Global Needles Market - Market Definition and Overview

3. Global Needles Market - Executive Summary

  • 3.1. Market Snippet By Product
  • 3.2. Market Snippet By End User
  • 3.3. Market Snippet by Region
  • 3.4. DataM CLO Scenario

4. Global Needles Market - Market Dynamics

  • 4.1. Market Impacting Factors
    • 4.1.1. Drivers
      • Increase in adoption of intravenous fluids
      • Rising demand for injectable drugs
      • Increasing blood donations
    • 4.1.2. Restraints
      • Rising injuries and infections by using needles
      • Demand for the use of needle-free technology
    • 4.1.3. Opportunity
    • 4.1.4. Impact Analysis

5. Global Needles Market - Industry Analysis

  • 5.1. Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  • 5.2. Supply Chain Analysis
  • 5.3. Pricing Analysis
  • 5.4. Regulatory Analysis
  • 5.5. Patent Analysis

6. Global Needles Market - By Product

    • 6.1.1. Introduction
    • 6.1.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product Segment
    • 6.1.3. Market Attractiveness Index, By Product Segment
  • 6.2. Conventional needles
    • 6.2.1. Introduction
      • Bevel needles
      • Blunt Fill needles
      • Vented needles
      • Filter needles
    • 6.2.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%)
  • 6.3. Safety needles
    • 6.3.1. Active needles
    • 6.3.2. Passive needles
  • 6.4. Suture needles
    • 6.4.1. Blood Collection needles
    • 6.4.2. Ophthalmic needles
    • 6.4.3. Dental needles
    • 6.4.4. Insufflation needles
    • 6.4.5. Pen needles
    • 6.4.6. Other needles
  • 6.5. Hypodermic needles
    • 6.5.1. Intravenous needles
    • 6.5.2. Intramuscular needles
    • 6.5.3. Intraperitoneal needles
  • 6.6. Glass needles
    • 6.6.1. Plastic needles
    • 6.6.2. Stainless steel/ Metallic needles
    • 6.6.3. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) needles
  • 6.7. Others

7. Global Needles Market - By End User

    • 7.1.1. Introduction
    • 7.1.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By End User Segment
    • 7.1.3. Market Attractiveness Index, By End User Segment
  • 7.2. Hospitals
    • 7.2.1. Introduction
    • 7.2.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%)
  • 7.3. Diagnostic Centers
  • 7.4. Clinics
  • 7.5. Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)
  • 7.6. Laboratories
  • 7.7. Medical Institutes
  • 7.8. Others

8. Global Needles Market - By Region

    • 8.1.1. Introduction
    • 8.1.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Region
    • 8.1.3. Market Attractiveness Index, By Region
  • 8.2. North America
    • 8.2.1. Introduction
    • 8.2.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 8.2.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product
    • 8.2.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By End User
    • 8.2.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Countries
      • U.S.
      • Canada
      • Mexico
  • 8.3. Europe
    • 8.3.1. Introduction
    • 8.3.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 8.3.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product
    • 8.3.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By End User
    • 8.3.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Countries
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • Rest of Europe
  • 8.4. South America
    • 8.4.1. Introduction
    • 8.4.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 8.4.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product
    • 8.4.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By End User
    • 8.4.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Countries
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Rest of South America
  • 8.5. Asia Pacific
    • 8.5.1. Introduction
    • 8.5.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 8.5.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product
    • 8.5.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By End User
    • 8.5.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Countries
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Australia
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • 8.6. The Middle East and Africa
    • 8.6.1. Introduction
    • 8.6.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 8.6.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product
    • 8.6.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By End User

9. Global Needles Market - Competitive Landscape

  • 9.1. Competitive Scenario
  • 9.2. Competitor Strategy Analysis
  • 9.3. Comparative Product Portfolio Analysis
  • 9.4. Market Positioning/Share Analysis
  • 9.5. Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis

10. Company Profiles

  • 10.1. Becton, Dickinson and Company
    • 10.1.1. Company overview
    • 10.1.2. Product portfolio and description
    • 10.1.3. Key highlights
    • 10.1.4. Financial overview
  • 10.2. Ethicon
  • 10.3. Medtronic Plc
  • 10.4. Hamilton Company
  • 10.5. B.Braun
  • 10.6. Stryker Corporation
  • 10.7. Novo Nordisk A/s
  • 10.8. Boston Scientific
  • 10.9. Smith Medical
  • 10.10. Nipro Medical Corporation

11. Global Needles Market - Premium Insights

12. Global Needles Market - DataM

  • 12.1. Appendix
  • 12.2. About Us and Services
  • 12.3. Contact Us
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