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Europe Biopower Markets and Strategies: 2012-2035

Published by IHS Emerging Energy Research Product code 242919
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Europe Biopower Markets and Strategies: 2012-2035
Published: May 2, 2012 Content info: 163 Pages, 133 Exhibits


This study provides a thorough analysis of the market potential for biopower in the European Union (EU), the impact of biopower growth on the international pellet trade and the biomass procurement strategies employed by utilities, IPPs, and developers active in the EU. Readers will gain insight on both national and regional policy changes and implications, as well as the resulting strategies and competitive positioning of market players.

Study Highlights:

  • Biomass Supplier Strategy Profiles and Competitive Positioning
  • Country Snapshots: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
  • Biomass Development Landscape, including Technology Competitiveness, Ownership Strategies, Approved and Proposed Projects by Country, and Fuel Procurement Strategies
  • Drivers and Inhibitors, such as Policy Trends, Cost-Competitiveness, Availability, and Production Trends
  • Dedicated Biomass, Coal-to-Biomass and Co-Firing, and Biogas Market Forecasts through 2035
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Europe concentrates global biopower additions
  • 1. EU Renewable Target Drive Biopower Growth
  • 2. Biopower Market Development Trends
    • Europe Biopower Country Rankings by Installed Capacity and Pipeline
  • 3. Biopower Market Forecasts
    • Biopower additions under three scenarios
    • Biopower additions by technology
  • 4. Biomass resources trends Wood - based feedstock will remain the fuel of choice
  • 5. Biopower Cost - competitiveness
    • Biopower cost compared to other renewable technologies
  • 6. Biopower development strategies
    • Utilities lead biopower market growth
    • Resources focus defines strategies of biopower players


  • 1. Availability of Biomass Resources in Europe
    • Overview of Biomass Resources in Europe
      • Forestry Residues Dominate Biomass Power Generation
      • Agricultural Feedstock Emerges as a Complementary Solution
      • Wood Pellets Gain Momentum
      • Torrefaction Seeks to be a Game Changer
    • Domestic Biomass Resources Outlook
    • Europe Fuels International Wood Pellet Growth
  • 2. Biomass Resource Costs
    • Biomass Resource Cost
      • Attractiveness Comparison East Wood Pellets Seek to Capture Cost Advantage
    • Wood Pellet Prices Outlook
  • 3. Biomass Resource Supplier Strategies
    • Biomass Resource Supplier Value Chain
    • Pellets Supplier Competitive Positioning
    • Biomass Resource Sourcing Strategies
      • Utilities Consider Upstream Integration to Secure Resource Supplies
      • Enviva Seeks Scale, Partnerships to Remove Bottlenecks
      • Pulp and Paper Companies Maintain Leadership in Niche Markets
      • Small Torrefaction Players Attract Utility Attention


  • 1. Regulatory Incentives for Dedicated Biomass - Fired Power Plants
    • Italy, Switzerland Lead Support for Wood - Based Biomass
    • Countries with Low Wood Potential Boost Support Energy Crops
    • Renewable Heat is Driving Support for Biomass CHP3
    • European Directive on Waste and Landfill Drives Waste - to - Energy Plants
  • 2. Biomass Conversion Technology Competitiveness
    • Biomass Combustion Leads the Way Fluidized Bed Boilers Gain Traction
    • Gasification Development Advances Slowly Power Sector Prospects are Dim
    • Other Biomass Conversion Technologies
  • 3. Dedicated Biomass Market Development Trends
    • UK Bets on Large - Scale Biomass Plants
    • Forestry Residues Remain Largest Fuel Provider of Biomass Power
  • 4. Dedicated Biomass Market Forecasts
    • Dedicated Biomass Market Methodology
    • Dedicated Biomass Market Scenarios
    • Dedicated Biomass Market Forecasts by Country
      • UK Leads Europe Biomass Growth
      • Waste - to - Energy will Provide Moderate Contribution
    • Europe Biomass Feedstock Forecast: 2012 "2035
  • 5. Costs Analysis for Dedicated Biomass - Fired Power Plants
    • Project Capital Costs Vary by Country, Dedicated Biomass Cost of Electricity
  • 6. Competitive Analysis: Dedicated Biomass Strategies
    • Dedicated Biomass Value Chain
      • Utilities and IPPs are at the Forefront of Biomass Development in Europe
    • Dedicated Biomass Developers' Competitive Positioning Dedicated Biomass Project Ownership
    • Dedicated Biomass Developers' Competitive Analysis
      • Resources Dictate Strategies of Europe Utilities and IPPs
      • Developers Emerge to Capture UK Biomass Potential
      • Pulp and Paper Companies Move Along the Value Chain, Leveraging Access to Supply
      • Dalkia and GDF SUEZ's Cofely Leverage Downstream Assets
      • Turnkey Biomass Developers Play a Limited Role


  • 1. Regulatory Framework for Biomass Co - Firing and Coal - to - Biomass Reconversion
    • European Emissions Trading Scheme Shifts to Auctioning
    • LCPD, IED Drive Europe Coal Plants Closures
    • Direct Support for Biomass Co - Firing Slowly Shapes Up
  • 2. Biomass Co - firing Technology Trends
    • Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Technologies Development Trends
    • Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Project Development Challenges
  • 3. Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Markets
    • Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Markets Development Trends
      • Reconversion Option Varies by Country
      • Wood Pellets Enable Co - Firing
    • Country Project Development Trends
      • UK Leads Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Growth
      • Benelux Co - Firing and Reconversion Project Development
      • Poland Drives Eastern Europe activity
      • Denmark's Decarbonization Goals Await Regulation
  • 4. Biomass co - Firing and Reconversion Market Forecasts
  • 5. Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Cost Analysis
  • 6. Competitive Analysis: Biomass Co - Firing and Reconversion Strategies


  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom


  • Utilities
    • CEZ
    • DONG Energy
    • E.ON AG
    • EDF
    • Eesti Energia
    • Eneco
    • Enel SpA
    • Fortum Oy
    • GDF Suez
    • Pohjolan Voima Oy
    • Polska Grupo Energetyczna (PGE)
    • RWE AG
    • Scottish Southern Energy
    • STEAG GmbH
    • Vattenfall
  • Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
    • Acciona Energia
    • Drax Power
    • Electrawinds NV
    • FRI - EL Green Power SpA
    • Gestamp Renewables
    • Tozzi Holding SpA
    • Voltalia
  • Renewable Project Developer
    • Eco2
    • Renewable Energy Systems Ltd
  • Pure - Play Biomass Developers
    • Helius Energy
    • Lateral Power
    • MGT Power
  • Pulp and Paper Developers
    • Grupo Empresarial Ence SA (Ence)
    • Smurfit Kappa Group
    • Stora Enso Oyj
    • Suzano Group
    • UPM The Biofore Company
  • Waste Management Services
    • Providers
    • Biffa
    • Cory Environmental
    • Covanta Energy
    • TIRU
    • Viridor
  • Energy Services Companies
    • A2A SpA
    • Dalkia
    • MVV Energie AG
  • Biogas Developers
    • Asja SpA
    • EnviTec Biogas AG
    • Infinis
    • Schmack Biogas AG
    • Weltec Biopower
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